The Coming Evangelical Divide

Posted by on 6.17.14 in Christian News, Current Events, Homosexuality

A few years ago I would have thought that most evangelicals would stay true to the biblical teaching about marriage. Today I will hedge my bets on that issue. The evangelical movement is about to divide. You can’t straddle the fence forever.

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John Stott Dies at 90

Posted by on 7.30.11 in Books, Christian News

John Stott, the greatly-loved British pastor, author and evangelical leader, died earlier this week at the age of 90. In reading some of the tributes published about him, I was struck by the repeated references to his humility, a character trait that seems in short supply today. Through his more than 50 books and hundreds of sermons, and through hi…

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Q and A video – Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Posted by on 8.30.10 in Christian News, Churches, Current Events, Pastors, Questions, Video

The last election was mean-spirited and it was hard to discern between truth and lies. Should Christians separate from political activism and focus on “Christian work” instead?

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New video – Where does the world stand in the light of Bible prophecy?

Posted by on 7.28.10 in Christian News, Current Events, Second Coming, Video

A few weeks ago, I was conducting an “Ask Pastor Ray” session at Cannon Beach Conference Center. One of the questions I received was “Where does the world stand in the light of Bible prophecy?“.This is a question many people are asking in these uncertain times! 2 Timothy 3:1 says that in the last days “terrible&rd…

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Listen to our radio interview with Franklin Graham

Posted by on 5.22.10 in Christian News, Current Events, Interviews, Podcasts, Radio, Second Coming

On the Friday edition of “Today’s Issues,” Tim Wildmon and I interviewed Franklin Graham about his father’s new book Storm Warning, which discusses the Second Coming and current events. Franklin also gave us an update on his father’s health and also talked briefly about the three Samaritan’s Purse workers who w…

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Updated Resources

Posted by on 4.23.09 in Bible Study Resources, Christian News, Keep Believing Ministries, Missions

A few months ago we opened a no-frills section of the website called Recommended Resources. I call it no-frills because there are no pictures or other fancy designs. If you click on the link, you will see what I mean. We have gathered on one page some of our favorite online resources. We start with a section called Bible Study Resources for those p…

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I’m Glad Rick Warren Said Yes

Posted by on 12.20.08 in Christian News, Current Events, Marriage and the Family, Pastors, Prayer

All in all, I’m glad Barack Obama invited Rick Warren to lead the opening prayer at next month’s presidential inauguration. I say that even though I share some of the reservations raised by other evangelicals. But weighing everything, I’m glad that the president-elect asked him, and I’m glad Rick Warren said yes. Here’…

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Facebook Rules the World

Posted by on 12.13.08 in Christian News

I used to say that bloggers rule the world, but that was so last year. Time to get over it and move on to the latest and greatest, by which I mean of course having a page on Facebook…

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Put Marriage in Your Church Constitution

Posted by on 6.3.08 in Christian News, Church Trends, Churches, Current Events

How should evangelical churches respond to the growing movement toward same-sex marriage? Here’s one answer. Put a statement about marriage in your church constitution.

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Dog Quotes

Posted by on 2.10.06 in Christian News, Uncategorized

10:44 AM Judy Bowles sent along a link to Steve Staint’s website promoting “micro-enterprises” for indigenous people groups that have been reached by the gospel become economically independent. This site also provides links for people who want to know what God has done in the Waodani tribe since the five missionaries …

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