That Dumb Thing I Did

Posted by on 1.12.19 in Radio, Biking

Here’s the audio of my conversation with Chris Fabry on Moody Radio about how I managed to wreck my left […]

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Radio Interview: “What Are You Living For?”

Posted by on 10.17.18 in Radio

Here’s an 11-minute radio interview called What Are You Living For? Mark Elfstrand interviewed me on WYLL about the recent death […]

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New Podcast: “Why the Reformation Still Matters”

Posted by on 10.30.17 in Radio

We just uploaded a new podcast called Why the Reformation Still Matters. Chris Fabry and I discuss the importance of what […]

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I’m on “Open Line” this Saturday

Posted by on 9.29.17 in Radio

I’m guest-hosting “Open Line” on Moody Radio Saturday 9-11 AM CT. I’ll be answering questions from listeners on the Bible […]

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Remembering Nabeel Qureshi

Posted by on 9.21.17 in Radio, Interviews, Apologetics

We just posted a new podcast called Remembering Nabeel Qureshi, Christian apologist and author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. He passed away […]

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New Podcast: “Why Do We Keep on Fighting?”

Posted by on 8.7.17 in Radio

Chris Fabry and I recorded a podcast called Why Do We Keep on Fighting? based on James 4. You might […]

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“His Kingdom Will Never End” Airs Six Times This Weekend

Posted by on 12.22.16 in Radio, Christmas

I recorded a Christmas message for American Family Radio called “His Kingdom Will Never End.” The producers added Christmas music […]

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Christmas on American Family Radio

Posted by on 12.23.15 in Radio, Christmas

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day American Family Radio will broadcast two of my Christmas sermons. They will air “Six […]

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“A Time to Remember” Airs on Memorial Day

Posted by on 5.23.14 in Radio, Sermons

A few days ago I recorded a Memorial Day message called “A Time to Remember.”

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Radio Today

Posted by on 5.14.14 in Radio

I’m on the radio 10-11:30 AM CT. Guests include former congressman Allen West.

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