All Things for Good: Finding Yourself in Joseph’s Story

Posted by on 4.17.24 in Podcasts, Sermons

In 2013 I preached a series called “All Things For Good: Finding Yourself in Joseph’s Story” at Cannon Beach Conference […]

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Listen to Our Brand-New Holy Week Series Online

Posted by on 4.12.22 in Podcasts, Questions, Radio

During Holy Week I’m doing a brand-new series called “Last-Minute Questions” on American Family Radio. These are questions people either […]

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KBM Podcast Now Available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play

Posted by on 1.21.22 in Podcasts

Quick heads-up: Our Keep Believing podcasts are now available in three locations: Apple/iTunes, Spotify, Google Play. Click on the links […]

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New Podcast: “Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?”

Posted by on 11.26.20 in Podcasts

Here’s a message I recorded for the AFR Thanksgiving Special: Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness? We need […]

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New Podcast: “Did I Make a Mistake?”

Posted by on 10.9.20 in Podcasts

Here’s the audio of my interview with Chris Fabry yesterday on the topic, Did I Make a Mistake? We need this because […]

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My Podcast with H.B. Charles, Jr.

Posted by on 7.1.20 in Podcasts, Preaching

A few days ago I did an interview with my dear friend, Pastor H. B. Charles Jr. for his “On […]

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“Freedom Isn’t Free”: The AFR Memorial Day Special

Posted by on 5.25.20 in Podcasts

Here’s a message I recorded called Freedom Isn’t Free. It’s the American Family Radio Memorial Day special. PS Click here to sign up […]

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Perko’s Podcast

Posted by on 4.15.20 in Podcasts

I did a Zoom interview with my friend Jason Perkins (known to one and all as “Perko”) who lives in […]

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New Podcast: “What is Saving Faith?”

Posted by on 10.11.19 in Podcasts

On Wednesday Chris Fabry interviewed me on the topic, What is Saving Faith?  We need this because there is a difference […]

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New Podcast: “Answers to Tough Questions About the Faith”

Posted by on 8.16.19 in Podcasts

This morning I did an interview on Moody Radio called Answers to Tough Questions about the Faith. The hosts asked […]

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