58 Good Friday/Easter Sermons

Posted by on 3.28.15 in Sermons, Preaching, Pastors, Good Friday-Easter

We’ve put together a page with 58 Good Friday/Easter sermons. Feel free to use this material in any way that […]

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How I Preach

Posted by on 12.15.14 in Preaching, Pastors

My friend Dr. Abe Kuruvilla is a “triple doc” (MD plus 2 PhDs) who teaches preaching at Dallas Seminary and […]

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My Sermon Prep Idea

Posted by on 9.26.14 in Sermons, Preaching

In my 27 years as a pastor, I am fairly sure that I never came up with any distinctively new approaches to sermonizing. However, somewhere along the way I developed one practice that, as often as I used it, always served me well. Before I describe it, I should say that it rests upon two assumptions.1) You don’t know a …

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Cutting It Straight

Posted by on 9.23.14 in Sermons, Travel, Preaching

  Dear Praying Friends, We’re in the middle of a busy travel season. Last week while Ray was in Florida […]

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Pinch-Hitting at Maranatha

Posted by on 6.23.14 in Personal, Preaching

This Monday morning finds us in Chicago, but by tonight Marlene will be in Dallas and I will be in Muskegon, Michigan.

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Happy Times in Sugar Grove

Posted by on 6.22.14 in Churches, Chicago, Preaching

A lot can happen in six years.That’s what I discovered when I preached at Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove, IL.

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What’s Wrong with the American Church?

Posted by on 5.10.14 in Sermons, Preaching, Church Trends

First, give the Bad News.

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Preach So the Children Can Understand

Posted by on 5.3.14 in Preaching, Pastors

How to preach 51 Sundays out of the year.

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My Favorite Books on Preaching

Posted by on 1.9.14 in Sermons, Preaching

A young man going into the ministry asked me about my favorite books on preaching.

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40 Years of Free Bible Teaching

Posted by on 11.21.13 in Sermons, Preaching

Get 8000 hours of free Bible teaching.

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