ISIS Threatens US Churches

Posted by on 12.23.16 in Churches, Current Events

ISIS Threatens US Churches This article is worth reading because the front lines are now churches and cafes and Christmas […]

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Help Us Spread This Message Across America

Posted by on 9.9.15 in Churches, Current Events, Homosexuality

Recently we printed a booklet called When the Foundations are Destroyed. This short message encourages Christians to have tenacious, winsome […]

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Happy Times in Sugar Grove

Posted by on 6.22.14 in Chicago, Churches, Preaching

A lot can happen in six years.That’s what I discovered when I preached at Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove, IL.

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Listen to Our Interview with Erwin Lutzer

Posted by on 6.3.14 in Church Trends, Churches, Current Events

How can the church speak the truth in love to this dying generation?

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China Puzzle

Posted by on 5.2.14 in China, Churches

There is good news and not-so-good news from China.

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Anchors on the Move

Posted by on 6.19.13 in An Anchor for the Soul, Churches, Keep Believing Ministries, Prayer

Things are hopping in our corner of the world.

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The Day of Accounting

Posted by on 9.13.12 in Churches, Current Events

A friend who serves in leadership at his church called to talk about some big decisions the leadership team is facing. The details don’t matter except to note that the decisions will have a big impact on my friend and his family and on the church he serves. Several times during the conversation (at least four times, I think) he mentioned the …

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Random Notes

Posted by on 5.7.12 in An Anchor for the Soul, China, Churches, Pastors, Travel

A few thoughts on a variety of topics:1. The China broadcasts continue three times a week (M-W-F) at 6 AM CDT (7 PM China time). Check out our Chinese website and the iPhone and Android apps.2. We have just posted the Spring 2012 KBM Newsletter with the headline “We Need More Anchors.” Later this month we expect delivery of 100,000 copi…

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Posted by on 5.1.12 in Churches, Pastors

New England has a reputation as a difficult place to do ministry. One pastor from Massachusetts called it a “cold” region for gospel ministry. But almost everyone senses that a “quiet revival” is underway. No, it’s not like the South where megachurches sprout up like dandelions in the spring. But churches are growing i…

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New England Notes

Posted by on 4.23.12 in Churches, Pastors

Southbridge, MAI’m writing this update from the lobby of the Southbridge Conference Center, a vast convention center built on the site of the former American Optical Company building. We arrived on Friday after a longish trip from Tupelo via Memphis, Detroit, and Hartford. Someone welcomed us on Facebook by saying that, “No one ever come…

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