New Podcast: Is Christianity in Crisis?

Posted by on 11.16.17 in Church Trends, Current Events

We just uploaded a new podcast called Is Christianity in Crisis? We need to hear this because we live in a world […]

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Listen to Our Interview with Erwin Lutzer

Posted by on 6.3.14 in Church Trends, Churches, Current Events

How can the church speak the truth in love to this dying generation?

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What’s Wrong with the American Church?

Posted by on 5.10.14 in Church Trends, Preaching, Sermons

First, give the Bad News.

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Put Marriage in Your Church Constitution

Posted by on 6.27.13 in Church Trends, Current Events, Homosexuality, Marriage and the Family

Write out what you believe about marriage and put it in your church constitution.

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A Rudder, Not An Anchor

Posted by on 8.21.11 in Church Trends, Devotional, Pastors, Word of Life

“May the past be a rudder, not an anchor."That’s what Joe Jordan said to Don Lough, Jr. as Don became the new Executive Director of Word of Life last Friday night.It was an apt metaphor.Leaders in every organization struggle to find the right balance between holding on to the past while moving into the future.Not long ago I heard …

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Don’t Change Your Vote

Posted by on 8.26.10 in Church Trends, Pastors

A note arrived from a pastor asking an unusual question. When the leaders of a particular ministry met, they were evenly divided on whether or not to dismiss a staff member. Because the vote was deadlocked, the pastor cast the deciding vote in favor of termination. When word leaked out, certain people were very upset, including some who threatened …

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New sermon video – “Are We All Hindus Now?”

Posted by on 8.20.10 in Church Trends, Preaching, Sermons, Video

Though the vast majority of Americans identify with the Christian faith, we are becoming more like the Hindus who believe there are many paths to God.

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What Should I Preach Before We Break Ground?

Posted by on 5.28.10 in Church Trends, Preaching

A few days ago I received a note from a young pastor whose congregation has been waiting many years to begin a building program. Now at long last the day is fast approaching when they break ground on their first building. They will break ground in just a few weeks. The pastor wanted to know what he should preach on to build enthusiasm as the happy …

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Moving the Elephant

Posted by on 1.8.10 in Church Trends, Devotional

I had breakfast with a friend who told me that working in the church is like “moving the elephant.” He explained that moving an elephant can be quite difficult, especially if the elephant doesn’t want to be moved. You can get in front and pull on the trunk or you can stand behind and push with all your might. Eventually if you pul…

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The Ten-Year Century

Posted by on 8.12.09 in Church Trends, Current Events, Internet/Blogging

In a fascinating article published this week, Tom Hayes and Michael S. Malone argue that we have entered the era of the “ten-year century,” by which they mean that the pace of life has so rapidly accelerated that what used to happen in a century now happens in a decade. Changes that used to take generations—economic cycles, cultur…

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