Ants on a Rembrandt

Posted by on 11.1.21 in Devotional

A friend once told me that we are like ants crawling across a painting by Rembrandt. We crawl across the dark brown and think all of life is dark brown. Then we hit green and think, ’”Oh, this is better. Now all is green.” But soon comes the dark blue and then a splash of yellow, a streak of red, and then another patc …

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Does Your Soul Need Power Washing?

Posted by on 7.12.17 in Devotional, Uncategorized

You never know where you’ll discover spiritual truth. For me it happened when I spent a few hot hours power […]

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Letter to a Dying Friend

Posted by on 10.28.15 in Devotional

Not long ago I received a note telling me a dear friend was dying. During his long and varied life, […]

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38 Ways to Give Thanks in Hard Times

Posted by on 7.24.14 in Devotional

The Bible instructs us to “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” […]

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Fill My Cup, Lord

Posted by on 7.10.14 in Devotional, Theology, Uncategorized

Yesterday I posted my latest revision of a sermon called How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit? This […]

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Putting the Letters Together

Posted by on 6.24.14 in Devotional, Personal

Prayer is easy until it isn’t.

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Separated for a While

Posted by on 5.22.14 in Devotional

Letter to a friend whose wife died recently.

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Saved at the Last Second

Posted by on 5.9.14 in Devotional

If a man knows that he is dying, is he not likely to be thinking about where he will spend eternity?

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One Thing God Will Never Do

Posted by on 5.7.14 in Devotional

Anything that drives us to our knees is good for the soul.

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“Do It Afraid!”

Posted by on 5.6.14 in Devotional

You don’t have to feel brave. Just do it anyway.

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