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1. Good Words for Today: April 20

April 20, 2018

“God would never make it in the travel industry because he is always leading his best clients into the wilderness.” John Piper

2. Good Words for Today: April 19

April 19, 2018

Just because you are confused doesn’t mean God is confused. Faith chooses to trust even when life makes no sense.

3. New Message: “Four Warnings to the Wealthy”

April 12, 2018

Here’s a brand-new message called 4 Warnings to the Wealthy. The question is not, “What are we doing with our money?” but “What is our money doing to us?” We need to think about this because money does weird things to the brain. Click here to sign up for the free email sermons.

4. Good Words for Today: April 12

April 12, 2018

When you ask God for a blessing, he sends a problem because your blessings usually come through the problems you face.

5. Good Words for Today: April 9

April 9, 2018

“Holy, holy, holy Lord, God Almighty Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee Holy, holy, holy Merciful and mighty God in three persons blessed Trinity” Reginald Heber, 1861

6. Unused Angels

March 30, 2018

“Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matthew 26:53). A legion meant 6000 Roman soldiers. Twelve legions would equal 72,000 soldiers. Twelve legions of angels would mean at least 72,000 angels. Don’t you think that many angels could handle the […]

7. Good Words for Today: March 28

March 28, 2018

Too many times I have failed you, O Lord, but you have never failed me. When I abandoned you, you went to the cross for me. Amen.

8. Good Words for Today: March 27

March 27, 2018

“Crown Him the Lord of love! Behold His hands and side— Rich wounds, yet visible above, In beauty glorified. No angel in the sky Can fully bear that sight, But downward bends His wond’ring eye At mysteries so bright.”

9. Good Words for Today: March 26

March 26, 2018

“No one takes my life from me. I give my life of my own free will” (John 10:18). Never feel sorry for Jesus. He didn’t feel sorry for himself.

10. The High Cost of Helping Others

March 6, 2018

“Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me” (Luke 8:46). What does this mean? Jesus knew God’s power was flowing out from him into the body of the woman who touched his gar­ment. Power that had been his passed from him to her. It resulted in her healing, but the power had to […]

11. Good Words for Today: March 2

March 2, 2018

“They cried to the Lord for help” (1 Samuel 12:8). The first step to changing your life is admitting that things really do need to change.  

12. Good Words for Today: February 24

February 24, 2018

“I have stored up your word in my heart” (Psalm 119:11). It’s good to get into the Word. It’s better to let the Word get into you.

13. Video Devotional for “The Hardest Question”

February 21, 2018

Here’s the video devotional for The Hardest Question.  Are you willing for Jesus to change your life? #MiracleRoad  Click here to sign up for the free email sermons.

14. Good Words for Today: February 21

February 21, 2018

A note to Christian leaders: Marriage matters to God, and it ought to matter to you. When leaders keep their vows, it becomes easier for followers to keep their promises.

15. Good Words for Today: February 20

February 20, 2018

“Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” (John 6:5)   The first step in any miracle is realizing you can’t do it on your own. Only when we admit that we can’t does Jesus step forward to do what only Jesus can do.

16. A Quiet Miracle

February 14, 2018

“On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding” (John 2:1-2). Two things stand out to me in the story of Jesus turning water into wine. First, Mary expects her son to do something about the […]

17. Good Words for Today: February 8

February 8, 2018

“The true test of a man of God is how he treats people who cannot help him.” Adrian Rogers

18. Good Words for Today: February 2

February 2, 2018

Don’t get frustrated when you forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it. Be glad. You’re only doing what God did for you.

19. Good Words for Today: January 31

January 31, 2018

Can God work miracles today? Yes! Every answered prayer is a miracle. Some are just more obvious than others.

20. Good Words for Today: January 17

January 17, 2018

“He forgives all your sin” (Psalm 103:3). Never be ashamed to ask for forgiveness. You cannot out-sin the grace of God. All means all.

21. Good Words for Today: December 18

December 18, 2017

“When the right time came, God sent his Son” (Gal 4:4). His time is not our time, but it’s always the right time. That’s how God works.

22. Good Words for Today: December 12

December 12, 2017

In 1915 J. Wilbur Chapman preached a sermon at Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina on Psalm 45:8, “All Your garments are scented with myrrh and aloes and cassia, Out of the ivory palaces, by which they have made you glad.” As Dr. Chapman emphasized what Jesus left behind when he came from heaven to earth, Harry Barraclough felt […]

23. 15 Christmas Stockings

November 29, 2017

Not long after we got married 43 years ago, Marlene started making Christmas stockings for each member of our family. First it was just the two of us. Then the boys came along–three more stockings. Years later they got married–three more stockings. Then the seven grandchildren joined our family–first Knox seven years ago all the […]

24. Good Words for Today: November 8

November 8, 2017

“A lot of what we call ‘struggling’ is simply delayed obedience.” Elisabeth Elliot

25. Good Words for Today: November 7

November 7, 2017

  Today is a great day to tell someone about Jesus.

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