Radiation Update # 1

Posted by on 4.16.24 in Personal

This is Day 81 of 180 days of cancer treatment. It is also Day 5 of 28 days of radiation […]

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A Personal Update

Posted by on 1.31.24 in Personal, Uncategorized

Here’s a personal update on my fall on the ice, my cancer treatment, Let’s Read the Bible! on February 29, […]

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Our 2023 Christmas Card

Posted by on 12.14.23 in Personal

This  is our 2023 Christmas card. Here’s the personal and family update from the back of our Christmas card. Merry […]

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She Was a Veteran Too

Posted by on 11.11.23 in Personal

My mom served in World War II “somewhere in the Aleutians.”

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Mrs. Sandberg Goes to Heaven

Posted by on 1.5.23 in Personal

We got the news the way we usually do these days. Marlene saw it on the internet (Facebook–where else?). She […]

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Ed McCollum Explained the Gospel to Me

Posted by on 10.3.22 in Personal

The man in the picture was a preacher of the gospel.It must have been 1965 or thereabouts when I met Ed McCollum for the first time. He pastored a small church, worked in a factory, and had a darkroom in his home where he developed pictures. His son Dan was one of my best friends. When I would go to Dan’s house to hang out, his dad would chat…

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48 Years

Posted by on 8.22.22 in Personal

  As far as I know, we only have one picture from the days when we were dating, and this […]

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Advice to My 30-Year-Old Self

Posted by on 6.13.21 in Personal

It happened on the way to the Tampa airport. I had just finished a week of Bible teaching to college […]

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Meet Sadie

Posted by on 7.22.20 in Personal

Meet Sadie, the newest member of our family. She’s a 10-week-old Aussiedoodle. That means she is a cross between an […]

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Skip Olson, A Friend Forever

Posted by on 7.7.20 in Personal

When Wilbur the Pig (in Charlotte’s Web) wondered why Charlotte the Spider had worked so hard to save his life, […]

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