“The husband of one wife” in 1 Timothy 3:2

Posted by on 12.17.07 in Church Trends, Theology

Last Thursday night at the men’s Bible study, we had a lively discussion about the meaning of “the husband of one wife” in 1 Timothy 3:2. At one point, I was asked to explain my views regarding divorced men serving as elders and/or deacons in the local church. My answer was simply that I don’t think this phrase …

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FM Radio Religion

Posted by on 12.13.07 in Church Trends, Congregational Singing

So what’s happening in the “worship wars” these days? Terry Mattingly provides one answer in a column called FM Radio Reality in Church, which describes how one megachurch in California manages to put together three “radically different services” each week. Conventional wisdom suggests that nothing divides a church mo …

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Should She Work Full Time While Her Husband Builds the Church?

Posted by on 12.4.07 in Church Trends

The email arrived from somewhere on the other side of the world. It came from a person I do not know and described a most unusual situation, asking for my advice. Here are the particulars. A few years ago, this couple felt called of God to start a new church to reach immigrants in a city in Asia. Both husband and wife worke …

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What Are You Fanatical About?

Posted by on 10.29.07 in Church Trends, Churches

Before leaving Grand Ledge this morning, I had breakfast with Andrew, Brian and John—the three staff pastors at Grand Ledge Baptist Church. Andrew I have known for 17 years but I just met Brian and John this weekend. The church recently voted to go to a unique three-way co-pastor system in which the three pastors will toge …

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Christopher Hitchens Has a Point

Posted by on 8.28.07 in Church Trends, Preaching, Theology

The current issue of Vanity Fair carries a report by Christopher Hitchens on his book tour to promote his mega-bestseller God Is Not Great. As always, Hitchens has many provocative things to say, and those who are enjoy his sometimes acerbic comments on various religious leaders will not be disappointed. I found it fascinat …

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Jim and Casper Go to Church

Posted by on 7.19.07 in Books, Church Trends, Churches

What would happen if a pastor and an atheist decided to visit some of America’s largest churches together? That simple question led to a book called Jim and Casper Go to Church. Over a period of several months in 2006, Jim Henderson (the pastor) and Matt Casper (the atheist) dropped in unannounced on Willowcreek, Sadd …

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Cleaning House or Redecorating?

Posted by on 5.14.07 in Church Trends, Churches

Recently I met someone who is a bit discouraged because his church has gone through several staff changes. Pastors who had been in that church for years have announced that they will soon be moving to other ministries. The person said, “I think God is cleaning house.”To which I replied, “Perhaps he’s just redecorating …

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What the Future Church May Look Like

Posted by on 4.5.07 in Church Trends

Keith Drury teaches at Indiana Wesleyan University. Lately he has been studying his students to get some hints on what the next generation of church leaders might look like. He offers 25 prominent characteristics of the coming wave in the church. Here are a few that caught my eye.1. From larger churches, yet value smaller o …

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