New Message: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy

Posted by on 4.27.20 in Current Events, Second Coming

We have just published a new message: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy. Here are some of the topics addressed: Are […]

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New Video Explores “The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy”

Posted by on 4.2.20 in Bible Study, Current Events, Second Coming, Video

Check out our newest video: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy. Is this pandemic a sign of the end times? Is […]

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Video: “Dear Abby: Letter to a Young Mother”

Posted by on 3.23.20 in Current Events, Video

<A few days ago I received a note from a young mother who is concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and […]

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The Coronavirus Outbreak: How Should We Respond?

Posted by on 3.12.20 in Current Events

This morning many people are waking up to a world they never imagined because of the coronavirus outbreak. Here are […]

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Wednesday Night Chat: Christians in a Divided Nation

Posted by on 11.7.18 in Current Events, Video

Check out this Wednesday Night Chat: Christians in a Divided Nation. We need this message because we were made for […]

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New Podcast: Is Christianity in Crisis?

Posted by on 11.16.17 in Church Trends, Current Events

We just uploaded a new podcast called Is Christianity in Crisis? We need to hear this because we live in a world […]

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ISIS Threatens US Churches

Posted by on 12.23.16 in Churches, Current Events

ISIS Threatens US Churches This article is worth reading because the front lines are now churches and cafes and Christmas […]

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Election Eve Prayer Meeting on Facebook Live

Posted by on 11.1.16 in Current Events, Prayer Next Monday we’re hosting an Election Eve Prayer Time on Facebook Live. We’ll start at 7 PM CT and […]

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My Sermon on the Sunday After 9/11

Posted by on 9.11.16 in Current Events, Evangelism, Personal, Sermons

In the last 24 hours I have an opportunity to revist the sermon I preached on the Sunday after 9/11. At that point America was still struggling with the enormity of what happened just five days earlier. In that sermon, called Living by Faith in an Uncertain World, I wrapped up by giving Five Lessons to Ponder.I share them here because ten years lat…

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The World is Going to Hell

Posted by on 5.20.16 in Current Events, Evangelism, Prayer

We all agree the world is in trouble. Our nation is in trouble. What can we do about it? On […]

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