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1. New Message: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy

April 27, 2020

We have just published a new message: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy. Here are some of the topics addressed: Are we living in the last days? Does the Bible predict the Coronavirus? What does the Bible say about pestilence in the end times? How close are we to the coming of the Lord? We need this […]

2. New Video Explores “The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy”

April 2, 2020

Check out our newest video: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy. Is this pandemic a sign of the end times? Is it a message from the Lord? If so, how should we respond? Here are two other resources I mention in the video: Coronavirus Bell Curve What Does the Bible Teach About Pestilence, Plagues, and Global […]

3. Video: “Dear Abby: Letter to a Young Mother”

March 23, 2020

<A few days ago I received a note from a young mother who is concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and what it will mean for her children. In this video I read the letter I wrote to her. We need this because we all share her concerns. PS Click here to sign up for the free email sermons.

4. The Coronavirus Outbreak: How Should We Respond?

March 12, 2020

This morning many people are waking up to a world they never imagined because of the coronavirus outbreak. Here are three quick thoughts about how Christians should respond: 1. Don’t panic. Christians ought to be the calmest people on earth because we know the Lord, and he holds the future in his hands. 2. Prepare […]

5. Wednesday Night Chat: Christians in a Divided Nation

November 7, 2018

Check out this Wednesday Night Chat: Christians in a Divided Nation. We need this message because we were made for times like these. Click here to sign up for the free email sermons.

6. New Podcast: Is Christianity in Crisis?

November 16, 2017

We just uploaded a new podcast called Is Christianity in Crisis? We need to hear this because we live in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. I gave this message at the Men’s Conference at Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, CA several weeks ago.

7. ISIS Threatens US Churches

December 23, 2016

ISIS Threatens US Churches This article is worth reading because the front lines are now churches and cafes and Christmas markets and anywhere people congregate. I have two further thoughts on this: 1) ISIS understands that Christmas is a deeply Christian observance. They attack us because we are the “people of the cross” who worship […]

8. Election Eve Prayer Meeting on Facebook Live

November 1, 2016

Next Monday we’re hosting an Election Eve Prayer Time on Facebook Live. We’ll start at 7 PM CT and take a few minutes to pray for the election that takes place the next day. For more information, please watch this five-minute video. Then join us on my Facebook page next Monday at 7 PM CT […]

9. My Sermon on the Sunday After 9/11

September 11, 2016

In the last 24 hours I have an opportunity to revist the sermon I preached on the Sunday after 9/11. At that point America was still struggling with the enormity of what happened just five days earlier. In that sermon, called Living by Faith in an Uncertain World, I wrapped up by giving Five Lessons to Ponder.I share them here because ten years lat...

10. The World is Going to Hell

May 20, 2016

We all agree the world is in trouble. Our nation is in trouble. What can we do about it? On May 2 I preached a message called The World is Going to Hell at Cannon Beach Conference Center in Cannon Beach, OR. If we take the words of Jesus seriously, there are two things we […]

11. Egyptian Martyrs Remembered

November 3, 2015

    You never know what a day will bring forth on the radio. All of us remember the horrific video of ISIS beheading 21 Egyptians Coptic because of their Christian faith. Here’s another chapter in the story. American Family Radio invited listeners write brief messages to the families of those men who died. Hundreds […]

12. Help Us Spread This Message Across America

September 9, 2015

Recently we printed a booklet called When the Foundations are Destroyed. This short message encourages Christians to have tenacious, winsome courage in the face of the moral and spiritual crisis facing our nation. After the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, many Christians wonder how they should respond. This booklet provides an answer. We’re […]

13. The Supreme Court Isn’t

June 27, 2015

The Supreme Court isn’t. There is a court higher than the court that sits in Washington. That court is never divided, never uncertain and never wrong. We show proper respect to earthly courts even when we disagree, but we reaffirm our conviction that there is a Judge who cannot be swayed by public opinion and […]

14. The Coming Evangelical Divide

June 17, 2014

A few years ago I would have thought that most evangelicals would stay true to the biblical teaching about marriage. Today I will hedge my bets on that issue. The evangelical movement is about to divide. You can’t straddle the fence forever.

15. Listen to Our Interview with Erwin Lutzer

June 3, 2014

How can the church speak the truth in love to this dying generation?

16. Michael Bloomberg is Clueless

April 29, 2014

Evidently you can be extremely rich and totally clueless.

17. Put Marriage in Your Church Constitution

June 27, 2013

Write out what you believe about marriage and put it in your church constitution.

18. Wanted: More Royal Babies

January 22, 2013

This guest column is written by Brian Bill, pastor of Pontiac (IL) Bible Church. It was announced last week that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will give birth to the “royal baby” in July. While this is exciting news to throne watchers, I find it fascinating that no one is calling her unborn child the “royal fetus...

19. Can a Christian Vote for a Mormon?

September 21, 2012

I hadn’t planned on addressing this question until I was asked about it recently. My answer is a simple yes.Evangelical Christians are free to vote for a Mormon if they desire. I say this notwithstanding the great gulf between what we believe and what Mormons believe. There are serious and deeply-felt differences between evangelical Christian...

20. The Day of Accounting

September 13, 2012

A friend who serves in leadership at his church called to talk about some big decisions the leadership team is facing. The details don’t matter except to note that the decisions will have a big impact on my friend and his family and on the church he serves. Several times during the conversation (at least four times, I think) he mentioned the …

21. Delete, Defriend, and Move On

August 4, 2012

Consider this a Facebook-focused followup to the Chick-fil-A dust-up earlier this week. A friend wrote saying that she was struggling with certain very unkind things that were posted on her Facebook page. Someone actually put a note on her Facebook page saying that she could take her business elsewhere because he didn’t want to do business wi...

22. It’s a Great Day at Chick-Fil-A

August 1, 2012

“It’s a great day at Chick-fil-A."Actually that’s only part of what the voice said as we pulled up to the drive-through ordering station. The whole spiel went something like this: “Hi, my name is Amy. It’s a great day at Chick-fil-A. How may I serve you today?” Amy may have added something about the peach m...

23. Cannon Beach Q & A, Part 1

June 27, 2012

Last week I spoke at Cannon Beach Conference Center in Cannon Beach, Oregon. On Friday morning we had a question and answer session based on questions we had received from the audience. During the Q&A time Timothy Greenidge served as moderator. This turned out to be one of the best sessions of the week. Over the next several days I will...

24. The Great Blondin and True Saving Faith

June 15, 2012

This evening Nik Wallenda will attempt to walk a tightrope across Niagara Falls in an event televised by ABC. While he will be the first to attempt to walk directly across the precipice of the falls, he is not the first to walk a wire from one side to another. That honor belongs to someone else. From his story we learn the true nature of the faith ...

25. What Do We Do Now?

May 24, 2012

What do we do now?Sometimes it seems as if society has completely lost its moral compass. Where do Christians fit in? How do we speak the truth in love when basic values are under attack? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, and for me the answer comes back to three simple words that describe what we need at this moment in history:Tena...

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