New Podcast: “How Will We Reach the World?”

Posted by on 2.11.18 in Evangelism

We have just uploaded a new podcast called How Will We Reach the World? You might like this because the world is […]

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New Podcast: “The End of Comfortable Christianity”

Posted by on 1.14.18 in Evangelism

We have just uploaded a new podcast called The End of Comfortable Christianity. It’s a message ripped from the headlines. I’m […]

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New Podcast: “Godly Fanaticism”

Posted by on 6.25.17 in Evangelism

We just released a new podcast called Godly Fanaticism. You might enjoy it because Christians don’t fit in, and we […]

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My Sermon on the Sunday After 9/11

Posted by on 9.11.16 in Current Events, Evangelism, Personal, Sermons

In the last 24 hours I have an opportunity to revist the sermon I preached on the Sunday after 9/11. At that point America was still struggling with the enormity of what happened just five days earlier. In that sermon, called Living by Faith in an Uncertain World, I wrapped up by giving Five Lessons to Ponder.I share them here because ten years lat…

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The World is Going to Hell

Posted by on 5.20.16 in Current Events, Evangelism, Prayer

We all agree the world is in trouble. Our nation is in trouble. What can we do about it? On […]

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A Remarkable Prisoner Letter

Posted by on 1.24.16 in Anchor Book Depot, Evangelism

  A few minutes ago Marlene said, “You need to read this letter.” I did, and it made my day. […]

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He Read “Anchor for the Soul” in the Cook County Jail

Posted by on 5.30.15 in An Anchor for the Soul, Books, Evangelism

Two weeks ago we started a campaign to raise $70,000 to print 100,000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul […]

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Will You Help Us Donate 100,000 Anchors?

Posted by on 5.22.15 in An Anchor for the Soul, Books, Evangelism

Will you help us donate 100,000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul? In the last 15 years we’ve given […]

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Anchor for the Soul 15th Anniversary Project

Posted by on 5.15.15 in An Anchor for the Soul, Books, Evangelism, Missions

It’s hard to believe that 15 years have passed since Moody published the first edition of An Anchor for the […]

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“I Let My Cell-Mate Read Your Book”

Posted by on 10.21.14 in An Anchor for the Soul, Evangelism, Prayer

Dear Praying Friends, Yesterday we received a letter from a prisoner in West Virginia who told us a wonderful story. […]

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