75,000 Spanish Anchors Arrived Today!

Posted by on 8.17.20 in Anchor Book Depot

I’m delighted to announce that 75,000 copies of Un Ancla Para El Alma, the Spanish version of An Anchor for […]

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Anchors Go Across the Nation!

Posted by on 6.23.19 in An Anchor for the Soul, Anchor Book Depot

At the KBM retreat last weekend, Doreen Mahlstedt who heads up our Anchor book ministry shared these slides with us. […]

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Video: Friday Afternoon Update

Posted by on 2.10.17 in An Anchor for the Soul, Anchor Book Depot, Ebooks, Lent

https://www.facebook.com/raypritchard/videos/10158160781815207/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE News about Spanish Anchor . . . the English edition crosses a major milestone . . . and the […]

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A Remarkable Prisoner Letter

Posted by on 1.24.16 in Anchor Book Depot, Evangelism

  A few minutes ago Marlene said, “You need to read this letter.” I did, and it made my day. […]

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“What I Do Have Is Jesus”

Posted by on 2.22.14 in An Anchor for the Soul, Anchor Book Depot, Prayer, Travel, Word of Life

“What I do have is Jesus."That’s what a prisoner named Zach told us.

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What’s Brown, Six Feet Tall, and Holds the Answer?

Posted by on 10.28.13 in An Anchor for the Soul, Anchor Book Depot

These books are on the way to Naval chaplains around the world.

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Dear Hero

Posted by on 9.17.13 in An Anchor for the Soul, Anchor Book Depot

We’re partnering with our friends at 3 Minutes Out to send care packages to the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.

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100,000 Anchors on the Way!

Posted by on 7.18.13 in Anchor Book Depot, Keep Believing Ministries

The new shipment of Anchors arrives in 3 weeks.

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Anchor Across America

Posted by on 4.23.13 in Anchor Book Depot

Last Saturday at our KBM board meeting Doreen Mahlstedt shared this map showing where Anchor for the Soul has been distributed since our last printing of 100,000 copies a year ago this month. You’ll note that we have mailed Anchors to …

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Anchor Books for Prison Fellowship

Posted by on 5.21.08 in Anchor Book Depot

Ten years ago we started a ministry partnership with Prison Fellowship that continues to this day In the beginning we gave away copies of “What a Christian Believes” and “Keep Believing” to inmates who responded to an offer in the Inside Journal, a newspaper published by Prison Fellowship and distributed in prisons across t …

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