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1. 75,000 Spanish Anchors Arrived Today!

August 17, 2020

I’m delighted to announce that 75,000 copies of Un Ancla Para El Alma, the Spanish version of An Anchor for the Soul, arrived at our Book Depot in Moline, IL this morning. Gary Pinger (shown here in the American flag t-shirt), along with his wife Kathy, oversees our Book Depot where we store both the […]

2. Anchors Go Across the Nation!

June 23, 2019

At the KBM retreat last weekend, Doreen Mahlstedt who heads up our Anchor book ministry shared these slides with us. To put things in perspective, since 2000 we have given away over 800,000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul. The map only covers the last three years. You’ll see that we have sent books […]

3. Video: Friday Afternoon Update

February 10, 2017

Friday Afternoon UpdateNews about Spanish Anchor . . . the English edition crosses a major milestone . . . and the first announcement of our new Lenten ebook. I hope you'll watch this video and then share it with your FB friends. Thanks! Posted by Ray Pritchard on Friday, February 10, 2017 News about Spanish […]

4. A Remarkable Prisoner Letter

January 24, 2016

  A few minutes ago Marlene said, “You need to read this letter.” I did, and it made my day. It comes from a inmate named Walter who is doing 25 years to life at a prison in Pennsylvania. Dear Ray,   First I need to thank you for allowing me to read An Anchor […]

5. “What I Do Have Is Jesus”

February 22, 2014

“What I do have is Jesus."That’s what a prisoner named Zach told us.

6. What’s Brown, Six Feet Tall, and Holds the Answer?

October 28, 2013

These books are on the way to Naval chaplains around the world.

7. Dear Hero

September 17, 2013

We’re partnering with our friends at 3 Minutes Out to send care packages to the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.

8. 100,000 Anchors on the Way!

July 18, 2013

The new shipment of Anchors arrives in 3 weeks.

9. Anchor Across America

April 23, 2013

Last Saturday at our KBM board meeting Doreen Mahlstedt shared this map showing where Anchor for the Soul has been distributed since our last printing of 100,000 copies a year ago this month. You’ll note that we have mailed Anchors to ...

10. Anchor Books for Prison Fellowship

May 21, 2008

Ten years ago we started a ministry partnership with Prison Fellowship that continues to this day In the beginning we gave away copies of “What a Christian Believes” and “Keep Believing” to inmates who responded to an offer in the Inside Journal, a newspaper published by Prison Fellowship and distributed in prisons across t ...

11. “You’ll Need This Someday”

April 23, 2008

How do you get professional hockey players to take a free book about the gospel?That’s the dilemma Alex Pirus faces every time he speaks at a chapel service sponsored by Hockey Ministries International. Despite the fact that he played hockey in the NHL and can therefore relate to the players, Alex still faces hurdles ...

12. Always Hope

March 19, 2008

Last September when I spoke at a conference in Colorado, I met a prison chaplain who asked if we would donate 3000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul from the Anchor Book Depot to be distributed in New Mexico prisons. We were happy to comply with that request, and early this year we received a letter from an inmate named Will ...

13. Florida State Fair Photos

February 16, 2008

Located on the midway, the Live Prayer Gospel Tent covered5000 square feet and seated 300 people. This young man and his mother helped prepare the books for distribution. These four teens received copies of An Anchor for the Soul. A gospel group prepares for a concert inside the tent. Marlene Pritchard, Lee Fay, Scott an ...

14. Florida State Fair—Gospel Outreach Update

February 7, 2008

The Florida State Fair opened its 12-day run in Tampa today. By the time the fair closes on February 18, total attendance will top 500,000. Last week we sent 4000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul to be used as part of an evangelistic outreach at the Live Prayer Gospel Tent, a 5000-square foot tent seating 300 people right o ...

15. Anchor at the Florida State Fair

February 5, 2008

Last Thursday we shipped 4000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul from our Book Depot in Chicago to Tampa, Florida where the Florida State Fair begins this Thursday. The books will be used as part of a daily evangelistic outreach at the Live Prayer gospel tent on the fairgrounds.This is an amazing opportunity because over 500, ...

16. “I Understand What I Have Missed All These Years”

February 1, 2008

Last night I read this remarkable letter from a prisoner in Michigan who read An Anchor for the Soul on Christmas Eve. Written in pencil (as most prisoner letters are), the letter describes how he ended up reading the book, a remarkable experience with the Lord, and how God used the book to bring him to a new understanding ...

17. Life’s Grace

December 27, 2007

We received a letter from a prisoner in California named Rocky. After reading An Anchor for the Soul, he wrote a poem called “Life’s Grace” and sent it to us.This poem captures a sense of what it is like to try to live for the Lord in prison. There may be no darker spot on earth than the inside of a prison cell. That& ...

18. Anchor in Iraq

December 8, 2007

A few years ago we sent 5000 copies of An Anchor for the Soul to Word of Life in New York where they were bundled with a New Testament and a Quiet Time Diary. These Solider Quiet Time Packs were then sent to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We just received this report (via Wayne Lewis) from a soldier serving in Iraq:I j ...

19. “I Have Only 2 Dollars to Give”

November 28, 2007

Here is a check we received from an inmate at a prison in New York. After reading “An Anchor for the Soul,” he decided to send a donation to our ministry. “I have only 2 dollars to give but it is the thought that counts,” he said. His letter illustrates why we started the Anchor Book Depot. And it stands as a reminder of ou ...

20. Trading Food for Books in Prison

November 7, 2007

A few months ago we opened the Anchor Book Depot in Chicago to give away copies of a simple gospel book called An Anchor for the Soul. This is a continuation of a ministry that started seven years ago. Since then we have given away over 350,000 copies, mostly to prisoners across America. Sometimes the prisoners find the boo ...

21. Anchor in a Laundromat

October 13, 2007

Several years ago we donated copies of An Anchor for the Soul to the “Glory to Thee” missionary boat run by John and Gaydean Nolte. Their unique ministry takes them to various ports on the Gulf Coast and also along the inland waterways (including the Great Lakes), sharing the Good News of Jesus. John left a copy of the book ...

22. Anchor Updates

September 9, 2007

Here are two quick updates:1) An Anchor for the Soul has just been published in French by a publisher in Montreal. We received our copy a few days ago. Originally the book was published to coincide with a conference where I’m speaking in Montreal in November but now the book has been released for the general public.2) ...

23. Anchor in a Texas Women’s Prison

August 27, 2007

Over the weekend we received this email from a volunter chaplain in Texas:I am a volunteer Chaplain at the Henley State Jail in Dayton, Texas. We house approximately 550 women. We received a box of your books, An Anchor for the Soul", a while back and our ladies have been requesting it constantly. We are totally out and we ...

24. Anchors Away!

August 17, 2007

The Anchor Book Depot has been busy recently. Here are some of the places we have sent the books:1) Military Torch Ministry, Norfolk, Virginia. The books are sent to sailors serving on ships deployed around the world.2) Camp Nathanael, Emmalena, Kentucky. We provided copies for a group of women completing a drug rehab progr ...

25. Anchor in Hong Kong

August 3, 2007

We received this note from a woman in Hong Kong:I wanted to let you know that I have given your book, Anchor for the Soul, to several inmates in prison here in Hong Kong. I have been visiting prisoners since moving back to Hong Kong last year and have been blessed by it. I visit those with no family—-a Vietnamese (in for m ...

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