Dear Hero

post date: September 17, 2013

Care packages prepared by 3 Minutes Out, ready to ship overseas.
In early August I preached at Edgewood Baptist Church in Rock Island, IL for the installation service of Pastor Brian Bill. After the Sunday morning service, I met a woman whose brother died while serving in Afghanistan in August 2011. As a result of his sacrifice, she and her husband (with the help of many friends) have put together a website in his honor called 3 Minutes Out. They are committed to reaching out to soldiers with the gospel message. 

They have put together 200 care packages that include copies of An Anchor for the Soul that we were glad to donate. Here is the letter that will be included in each box:

Dear Hero,

You are far away from the land that you love, far from your family, and far from your home. This great sacrifice you are making is not forgotten by me, and so I put pen to paper to let you know that you are on my mind today. All around you are those who would destroy you if they could, yet bravely you serve despite the dangers that would make ordinary men shrink into the shadows. My family and I are benefactors of your courage and we are blessed to move through our days without fear of being assailed by bullets, or bombs. Today I will take my fill of the freedoms you so graciously provide, and I want you know that I shall not waste them. It is precious currency to me, and I shall spend it with care; though I will never fully know the cost of the things your eyes have seen, nor the tasks your hands have been required to perform.

My friend you are a blessing to me, and I wanted to share something with you in appreciation of the gift you selflessly provide to me. By now you have no doubt sifted through this box of goodies sent from home, and found it to be filled with many wonderful things.  Many treats to bring a smile to your face, and to fill an empty stomach. Other things that will help you care for your body and hopefully allow you some comfort after a hard day. You will also find something that I believe will help you fill your soul. Since you are reading this then you have opened the book called “An Anchor for the Soul”, and I am so happy that you are. You see, in so much as I have written this book for everyone because I believe all can benefit from the words found within; It is fair to say that because of your job that you are one of the most important people to hold this book in your hands. No doubt there are many questions that come to your mind on a daily basis while you are serving all of us back here at home; however, I hope to help you answer the most important question you could ever ask. Do you know God? If you do then I rejoice and ask that you please share this book with others.  If the answer is maybe, or even no; then I pray that you will take a moment to read the words I have written as I believe here within these pages is help for the present and hope for the future.  

It is my hope that you will find what I have written to be a blessing, and realize that no matter where you are that God cares deeply for you, and He longs to be close to you. If you have questions, need prayer, or want to share how this book has touched you then please drop me an e-mail at: I pray that God will keep you safe, and that you will feel His abiding presence where ever you go, or whatever you do.

Thank you for all that you do for me and my family.

God bless you.

Ray Pritchard

Please join us in prayer that God will use these care packages to encourage the men and women who will receive them. Pray that God the books will end up in the hands of those who need to know Jesus. 

If you’d like to make a donation to help with the cost of the Anchor printing, you can use our online donation page. At the moment we’re 39% of the way toward our goal of $60,000 to cover the cost of the 100,000 Anchors that were delivered to our Book Depot last month. 

Your gifts make it possible for us to partner with our friends at 3 Minutes Out. We hope we can do more with them in the future.


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Ray Pritchard
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