Get Your Copy of “Spiritual Warfare in the Last Days”

Posted by on 5.9.22 in Second Coming, Video

We just released a brand-new booklet called Spiritual Warfare in the Last Days. I hope you’ll watch this 97-second video […]

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New Message: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy

Posted by on 4.27.20 in Current Events, Second Coming

We have just published a new message: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy. Here are some of the topics addressed: Are […]

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New Video Explores “The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy”

Posted by on 4.2.20 in Bible Study, Current Events, Second Coming, Video

Check out our newest video: The Coronavirus and Bible Prophecy. Is this pandemic a sign of the end times? Is […]

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New Podcast: “Last-Days Living”

Posted by on 5.3.18 in Podcasts, Second Coming

Here’s an interview I did with Chris Fabry about my booklet “Two Minutes Till Midnight.” We need this because it’s […]

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What Will Be the Sign of Your Coming?

Posted by on 3.22.13 in Devotional, Lent, Second Coming

The world as we know it is coming to an end.

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Cannon Beach Q & A, Part 1

Posted by on 6.27.12 in Current Events, Questions, Second Coming, Theology

Last week I spoke at Cannon Beach Conference Center in Cannon Beach, Oregon. On Friday morning we had a question and answer session based on questions we had received from the audience. During the Q&A time Timothy Greenidge served as moderator. This turned out to be one of the best sessions of the week. Over the next several days I will…

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The Future of the Chinese Church

Posted by on 11.4.11 in China, Churches, Keep Believing Ministries, Missions, Pastors, Second Coming, Travel

This little boy represents the future of the Chinese church.Earlier this week his mother put him down for a nap in the apartment where we stayed in Dalian. His grandfather serves as a church worker in a Chinese city with very few Christians. He and his mother and father and grandfather came to Dalian to spend two days with us. I was very pleased wh…

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B.C. Gets It Exactly Right

Posted by on 6.25.11 in Current Events, Second Coming

“In the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say, “Where is this ’coming’ he promised?” (2 Peter 3:3-4).Scoffers have always been with us.The easiest argument against a miracle is always, “Nothing like that has ever happened before, therefore nothing like that can …

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Jesus is Coming. Are You Ready?

Posted by on 5.20.11 in Devotional, Second Coming

I write this on the eve of Judgment Day, the one predicted by Harold Camping and his followers. The prediction relies on a complex set of assumptions and mathematical calculations regarding Bible chronology that the rest of us recognize for what it is. Nonsense.No one knows the day or the hour. No one knows for certain how close the return of Chris…

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A Week With Daniel at the BI

Posted by on 11.19.10 in Second Coming, Travel, Word of Life

I’m writing this note in the Business Center across from Gate 64 at the Tampa airport. In about an hour, I’ll board a plane to fly home, thus ending my final trip of the year. This week I’ve had the privilege of spending four days teaching the book of Daniel to 200 eager students at Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, Flor…

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