New Podcast: How to Survive Your Critics

Posted by on 8.27.18 in Pastors, Podcasts

We have just posted a new podcast called How to Survive Your Critics. I gave this message at the Moody […]

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Video: “How to Survive Your Critics”

Posted by on 6.12.18 in Pastors, Video

Here’s the video of How to Survive Your Critics, the message I gave at the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference in […]

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58 Good Friday/Easter Sermons

Posted by on 3.28.15 in Good Friday-Easter, Pastors, Preaching, Sermons

We’ve put together a page with 58 Good Friday/Easter sermons. Feel free to use this material in any way that […]

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Christmas in Asia

Posted by on 12.18.14 in China, Pastors, Personal, Travel

Dear Praying Friends, We’re on  our way to Asia! By the time you read this we’ll be in the air. […]

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How I Preach

Posted by on 12.15.14 in Pastors, Preaching

My friend Dr. Abe Kuruvilla is a “triple doc” (MD plus 2 PhDs) who teaches preaching at Dallas Seminary and […]

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Preach So the Children Can Understand

Posted by on 5.3.14 in Pastors, Preaching

How to preach 51 Sundays out of the year.

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Three “New” Books Every Pastor Needs

Posted by on 9.16.13 in Books, Pastors

Every pastor loves a good book.

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“That’s All I’ve Got”

Posted by on 3.16.13 in Evangelism, Pastors, Preaching

If they leave, let them go.

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Pastor, Don’t Be Stupid!

Posted by on 5.8.12 in Pastors, Preaching, Sermons

A few days ago I received a message alerting me that a certain pastor (whom I do not know) has been preaching my sermons word for word on Sunday morning. And he does so without attribution.To make matters worse, he posts the audio files online.Let me start by saying that I am a friend and supporter of preachers everywhere. I post my sermons precise…

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Random Notes

Posted by on 5.7.12 in An Anchor for the Soul, China, Churches, Pastors, Travel

A few thoughts on a variety of topics:1. The China broadcasts continue three times a week (M-W-F) at 6 AM CDT (7 PM China time). Check out our Chinese website and the iPhone and Android apps.2. We have just posted the Spring 2012 KBM Newsletter with the headline “We Need More Anchors.” Later this month we expect delivery of 100,000 copi…

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