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New England has a reputation as a difficult place to do ministry. One pastor from Massachusetts called it a “cold” region for gospel ministry. But almost everyone senses that a “quiet revival” is underway. No, it’s not like the South where megachurches sprout up like dandelions in the spring. But churches are growing i…

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New England Notes

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Southbridge, MAI’m writing this update from the lobby of the Southbridge Conference Center, a vast convention center built on the site of the former American Optical Company building. We arrived on Friday after a longish trip from Tupelo via Memphis, Detroit, and Hartford. Someone welcomed us on Facebook by saying that, “No one ever come…

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On the Road to New England

Posted by on 4.20.12 in Travel, Keep Believing Ministries, Pastors

This morning we start a major ministry trip to New England. A year ago Marlene and I spoke at a one-day conference for pastors and wives in Brunswick, Maine. A few weeks later we were invited to return to New England for three conferences in Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont.You can find out all the details by going to Church Focus New England. Each …

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India Pastors Conference

Posted by on 1.31.12 in India, Pastors

For the past two days we’ve been meeting with these pastors for a time of encouragement. They all come from the same general region of India. As you can see from the photo, most of the pastors are young, with perhaps a year of training, and nearly all of them pastor multiple congregations. Some pastor four churches at a time. Today they …

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44 New Year’s Day Sermons

Posted by on 12.26.11 in Sermons, Preaching, Pastors

Since January 1 is the first Sunday of 2012, we have put together a web page with 44 New Year’s Day sermons. Please feel free to use this material in any way that you like. Use it, amend it, change it, improve it, and make it your own. Perhaps you’ll get some good ideas for a sermon. Or you may want to use it for your own devot…

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Five Reasons to Preach the Whole Book of Daniel

Posted by on 11.18.11 in Sermons, Preaching, Pastors, Bible Study

This morning I finish teaching the book of Daniel to the students at Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, Florida. Since this is my fourth year to teach this one-week course, I’ve gotten a bit of rhythm in my teaching. Each year we start off strong with the story of Daniel and his friends courteously but firmly refusing to eat the food at …

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The Future of the Chinese Church

Posted by on 11.4.11 in Churches, Missions, Travel, China, Keep Believing Ministries, Pastors, Second Coming

This little boy represents the future of the Chinese church.Earlier this week his mother put him down for a nap in the apartment where we stayed in Dalian. His grandfather serves as a church worker in a Chinese city with very few Christians. He and his mother and father and grandfather came to Dalian to spend two days with us. I was very pleased wh…

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When Should a Pastor Leave a Church?

Posted by on 10.21.11 in Churches, Preaching, Pastors

The question came from a young man pastoring his first church. I don’t know much about the congregation he serves except that it is small and filled with mostly older folks who don’t want to change.At least that’s how the young pastor sees it. Both he and his wife have been feeling discouraged. After three difficult years, here is…

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On My Way to LA

Posted by on 9.19.11 in Sermons, Travel, Keep Believing Ministries, Preaching, Pastors

Today I’m flying to Los Angeles to take part in the Fall Church Institute at Mt Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. When I received this invitation a few months ago from Pastor George Hurtt, I was glad to accept because he asked me to speak on one of my favorite topics–expository preaching. I’ll be leading a workshop on preachin…

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A Rudder, Not An Anchor

Posted by on 8.21.11 in Devotional, Word of Life, Pastors, Church Trends

“May the past be a rudder, not an anchor."That’s what Joe Jordan said to Don Lough, Jr. as Don became the new Executive Director of Word of Life last Friday night.It was an apt metaphor.Leaders in every organization struggle to find the right balance between holding on to the past while moving into the future.Not long ago I heard …

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