Where Have All the Pastors Gone?

Posted by on 11.3.06 in Churches, Pastors, Theology

The email began very simply: “I am so discouraged.” The day before her pastor had resigned. Twelve years ago she had been brought back to the Lord by a pastor who seemed to be a godly man. Later he left his wife to enter the homosexual lifestyle. Then came a good pastor who was falsely accused of financial wrongdoing. Thoug …

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Pastors and the Struggle of Prayer

Posted by on 10.18.06 in Pastors, Prayer

Phil Miglioratti has just posted an interview I did with him on Pastors and the Struggle of Prayer. Here is the heart of the interview:All of us as pastors struggle with prayer. And that struggle itself is not sinful. It is a reminder that we are made of flesh and that something in us will fight against prayer because praye …

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100 Things Learned the Hard Way

Posted by on 8.25.06 in Churches, Pastors, Preaching

Jim Jackson has written 100 Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way as a Senior Pastor That I’ve Never Read in a Book. Pastors who read this list will nod in agreement. Church members will understand their pastor better. The following items caught my attention4. Choose your battles carefully; ask yourself, “Is th …

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Monday, May 17, 2004

Posted by on 5.17.04 in Churches, Pastors

10:23 PM Tonight’s OPCA Spring Concert featured the students in their finest musical presentation ever. Nancy Kamm brought out the music that was in the heart and soul of those children. At the end Terri Benno, chair of the OPCA board, presented Marlene with two scrapbooks of letters and pictures from present and former stu…

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Thursday, April 1, 2004

Posted by on 4.1.04 in Churches, Pastors, Theology

10:38 PM Kim Jahns sent an e-mail from missionaries in the Middle East with further insight into the impact of “The Passion of the Christ” in Muslim countries. In just a few short days, more Arab Muslims have been able to clearly hear (and see) the Gospel in their own language than we would be able to reach in a lifetim…

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Posted by on 3.13.04 in Pastors, Prayer

9:23 AM Here’s a brand-new sermon called Show Me Your Glory, based on the words of Moses in Exodus 33:18. I preached this sermon last Monday at Word of Life Florida. 9:16 AM When I arrived at the church a few minutes after seven this morning, I saw some sleepy teenagers in the parking lot. Turns out they were the last ones …

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Monday, December 29, 2003

Posted by on 12.29.03 in Churches, Pastors, Preaching

11:20 PM Among the visitors Sunday morning, I met Jim and Sue Nicodem and their children Emily, Rachel and Andrew. Jim is the pastor of Christ Community Church in St. Charles, one of the most dynamic churches in the Midwest. Jim told me that he and Pastor Bob Boerman go back a long way together. 11:15 PM Quick Renovation Up…

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