Saturday, March 13, 2004

March 13, 2004

9:23 AM Here’s a brand-new sermon called Show Me Your Glory, based on the words of Moses in Exodus 33:18. I preached this sermon last Monday at Word of Life Florida. 9:16 AM When I arrived at the church a few minutes after seven this morning, I saw some sleepy teenagers in the parking lot. Turns out they were the last ones left from the Power Connection (our junior high ministry) overnight “Lock-In” at Gurnee Mills and at the church. Darin Weil, our junior high director, said we had a record attendance of 93 students plus 14 leaders. When Craig Hammond spoke to the group, 9 students indicated they were trusting Christ as Savior. The students I saw this AM looked tired but very happy. It’s great to have a youth ministry where students are being saved on a regular basis.

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