“That’s All I’ve Got”

March 16, 2013

A while back I met a man who pastors a church in one of America’s larger cities. In the course of the conversation the man mentioned that because of his church’s location, they draw quite a few famous people to their services.

Several years ago a certain famous family showed up for church. From what the pastor said, it sounded like their entrance every Sunday was quite a show because it was the family plus friends plus hangers-on.

That’s the way rich and famous travel. You take an entourage with you wherever you go.

It seems that this famous family came to the services quite a few times. Then one day the matriarch of the clan told the pastor that they would be worshiping elsewhere. The pastor asked if he had done anything to offend them in a personal way. Had he said something unkind or rude to them? Had someone mistreated them? No, it was nothing like that.

So why were they leaving? The matriarch said it came down to two things.

“You talk too much about sin.”
“You talk too much about Jesus.”

Quick as a flash, the pastor, “That’s all I’ve got.”

Having no reply to that, the woman left, taking her family with her. Looking back on it later, the pastor concluded that the Holy Spirit must have given him that answer on the spot. “I’m not smart enough to think of that on my own.” Then he added, “What I said was true. That’s all I’ve got.” He’s right.

Sin is the problem.
Jesus is the answer.

Everything else is just details.

God bless that pastor and all like him who keep holding forth the word of life. 

Let the rich and famous do as they please.
If they leave, let them go.

Sin and Jesus may be all we’ve got, but it’s more than enough for this confused generation. 

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