Teaching Galatians From Kansas to South Korea

Posted by on 4.24.23 in Internet/Blogging, Word of Life

This is Galatians week for me. I’m teaching it over the internet Mon-Thurs evenings to the students at Word of […]

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Check Out the Winter Newsletter

Posted by on 12.27.13 in An Anchor for the Soul, China, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries, Personal, Travel

We have just posted the Winter 2013 KBM Newsletter online.

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Off We Go to Word of Life

Posted by on 7.21.13 in Internet/Blogging, Travel, Word of Life

You can watch the Bible teaching from Word of Life live on your computer this week.

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This Week’s China Broadcasts

Posted by on 9.17.12 in China, Internet/Blogging, Radio

Here is the info on this week’s China broadcasts:Monday, September 17 The Only Thing That Matters (Galatians 5:1-12)"Our hope is in the Lord alone. All that we need comes from him.” Wednesday, September 19 Risky Business (Galatians 5:13-15) “Christian freedom is freedom from sin, not freedom to sin."Friday, September 21…

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Delete, Defriend, and Move On

Posted by on 8.4.12 in Current Events, Internet/Blogging

Consider this a Facebook-focused followup to the Chick-fil-A dust-up earlier this week. A friend wrote saying that she was struggling with certain very unkind things that were posted on her Facebook page. Someone actually put a note on her Facebook page saying that she could take her business elsewhere because he didn’t want to do business wi…

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KBM Using Facebook for Blog Comments

Posted by on 7.12.12 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

Do you Facebook?If you don’t, you’re probably not reading this blog entry. As of March 2012 Facebook had over 900 million users, with that number expected to reach 1 billion in the next few months. One billion people on Facebook.That’s amazing and mind-blowing. When Facebook first started, it was mostly for college students, …

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Free Apps for China Broadcast

Posted by on 4.10.12 in China, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

I have some good news for those who have been following our new thrice-weekly China broadcasts. We now have free iPhone and Android apps that will download the broadcasts directly to your smartphone: Free KBM China Apps The apps automatically download each new Mandarin program. We expect these apps to be the primary way we reach younger listeners i…

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Daily Bible Listening

Posted by on 1.6.12 in Bible Study, Bible Study Resources, Internet/Blogging

Lately Marlene and I have started a new adventure in daily Bible listening. That’s right. Daily Bible listening.For a long time if you wanted to listen to the Bible, you had to buy a big set of CDs or DVDs. With the advent of smartphone apps, you can now listen to the whole Bible, read alone or read dramatically with music in the background.&…

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A Year-End Appeal from Keep Believing Ministries

Posted by on 12.28.11 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

As we come to the end of 2011, we are glad you are part of the Keep Believing family. It has been our pleasure to provide you with sermons, podcasts, videos, and other free biblical resources on the Keep Believing website.To put it simply, if we provide it ourselves, we give it away for free. That’s been our policy from the beginnin…

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Day 2: Airport Evangelist

Posted by on 10.22.11 in China, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries, Missions, Preaching, Travel, Video

Here’s the video from Day 2 of our trip to Korea and China in which we meet a man carrying a cross at the airport in Seoul:…

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