KBM Using Facebook for Blog Comments

July 12, 2012

Do you Facebook?

If you don’t, you’re probably not reading this blog entry. As of March 2012 Facebook had 901 million users, with that number expected to reach 1 billion by the end of the year.

One billion people on Facebook.

That’s amazing and mind-blowing. When Facebook first started, it was mostly for college students, but eventually the rest of us discovered it. When I ask at various events how many people are on Facebook, almost every hand goes up. That’s quite a change from just four years ago when it was hard to find anyone over 50 who even knew about Facebook. Now it’s the preferred method for folks in their 70s to stay in touch with their grandchildren.

I know for certain that I spend more time on Facebook every day than I do on the KBM website. Facebook has become an efficient means of staying in touch with our friends and sharing the vision of what God is doing through this ministry. 

That’s why we’re switching all comments on the KBM blog over to Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, when you make a comment, if you check “Post to Facebook,” that comment will show up on your Facebook feed. If a dozen people do that, hundreds of others will click through to read the blog entry and many will join the conversation. 

What if you don’t have Facebook?

You can still make a comment if you have an account with Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail.

We’re making these changes because we recognize that social media is here to stay. We live in a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram world. In the weeks to come, we plan to roll out more social media integration on the KBM website. 

I hope you will check out the new KBM blog page. It’s cleaner and simpler than before. Plus there is a picture of me done in “Andy Warhol” style, which means this is probably my personal 15 minutes of fame.

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