KBM China Page Now Online

Posted by on 1.15.10 in China, Internet/Blogging

Over a year ago we organized a China Task Force to begin work on translating my sermons in Chinese so that KBM could reach the 1.1 billion Chinese-speaking people around the world. It turned into a very complicated project involving many technical issues regarding how to properly display Chinese characters on a website built for the English languag…

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The Ten-Year Century

Posted by on 8.12.09 in Church Trends, Current Events, Internet/Blogging

In a fascinating article published this week, Tom Hayes and Michael S. Malone argue that we have entered the era of the “ten-year century,” by which they mean that the pace of life has so rapidly accelerated that what used to happen in a century now happens in a decade. Changes that used to take generations—economic cycles, cultur…

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FAQs for You

Posted by on 2.24.09 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

I’m happy to announce a brand-new section of the KBM website called FAQs, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Those who surf the Internet know that most websites have an FAQs section for questions that com up over and over again.For some time we have wanted to devote a major section of the website to answering questions about the Bib…

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I Can Relate to This

Posted by on 2.19.09 in Internet/Blogging

Marilyn Miller gave me a copy of this cartoon when we were at Mount Hermon. I think it’s the wave of the future. Or better yet, the future has already arrived.

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Tuesday News and Notes

Posted by on 2.10.09 in Current Events, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

*The February edition of the KBM February 2009 newsletter is now online. The headline reads “Keep Believing Goes to the Philippines.” *Did you know that you can know make comments on any of the 800+ sermons in our database? We just added that feature a few weeks ago. *We’ve added two new blogs to our Blogroll—Post-Darwi…

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My Twitter Flock

Posted by on 2.9.09 in Internet/Blogging

Two weeks ago I finally joined the Twitter revolution. Although my following of 74 people is relatively small (some people have thousands of followers), it’s still an interesting an eclectic group. A program called Twittersheep analyzes the profiles of my followers to create a “Twitter cloud” from the most-used key words. Looking …

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303,662 Visits

Posted by on 2.7.09 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

At the KBM board meeting today we talked about the fact that we are an online ministry. Since we redesigned our website in March 2008, we have had 303,662 visits from 206 countries. Increasingly we understand that we are not building a ministry in the usual sense of buying land and buildings. Not that we’re against that. We aren’t. We m…

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Twittering My Life Away

Posted by on 1.22.09 in Internet/Blogging

This week I finally decided to start Twittering. Note the capital “T” because Twitter refers to the latest and greatest social networking craze. If you Facebook, think of Twitter as the status line at the to of the page that tells what you are doing at the moment. When you Twitter, you write down (in 140 characters, words and spaces) wh…

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My Brand-New, Super-Amazing iPhone

Posted by on 12.31.08 in Internet/Blogging, Personal

For my last big purchase of 2008 I splurged and bought an iPhone, a picture of which I managed to take while holding the iPhone in my right hand and my camera in my left hand. I owe most of the credit to my friend Greg Kuehn, senior pastor of Sierra Bible Church in Reno, Nevada. When we were there for a Bible conference in October 2007, Greg had ju…

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Top Ten Blog Entries for 2008

Posted by on 12.26.08 in Internet/Blogging

Here are the most popular blog entries of 2008. Politics and church life kept the waters stirred up all year long. Comments are still open on all of these entries. 1) Should Pastors Endorse Candidates from the Pulpit?   Not surprising that in an election year, this drew the most comments. Not everyone agreed with my answer. 2) Sleepi…

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