Tuesday News and Notes

February 10, 2009

*The February edition of the KBM February Newsletter is now online. The headline reads “Keep Believing Goes to the Philippines.”

*Did you know that you can know make comments on any of the 800+ sermons in our database? We just added that feature a few weeks ago.

*We’ve added two new blogs to our Blogroll: Post-Darwinist and the Religion Blog.

*A brand-new website called Awaken Generation aims to wake up the younger generation (18-24) using new media such as blogs and live streaming video. 

*Rod Dreher offers a fascinating list of 24 Things About to Disappear in America. I hope # 4 isn’t true. I’m afraid the handwriting is on the wall for # 9.

*Ken Ham answers George Will on evolution and creation. I’m with Ken Ham on this one.

*Here’s an amazing story of forgiveness and reconciliation 48 years later.

*Check out our Resources page for links to Bible Study Resources, Sermons, and Christian News Resources. 

*By the way, we still want people to sign up for the KBM Prayer Team. It’s very simple. Each week we send you a prayer update by email. You pray for us as the Lord moves your heart. Click on the link for more information.

*Do you Facebook? Probably. Do you Twitter? Probably not. But you will, probably. 

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Tuesday News and Notes

June 10, 2008

  • Yesterday my new laptop computer arrived. It’s a Micro Express IFL 9025 that got a good review on the PC World website. It’s amazing how far the technology has come since I bought my last laptop 20 months ago.
  • One thing you forget is how long it takes to set up a new computer. I’ve spent hours last night and today transferring files, installing programs, setting passwords, and trying to figure out Windows Vista Ultimate. As of the moment I’ve got everything working except one Bible software program that I think I’m going to have to reinstall to make it work right.
  • Special thanks to Robert Unoki for some top-notch software plus a very jazzy wireless mouse.
  • Nick called this morning to say that he and Alan and Andy and Betty and Megan and Kathleen reached the summit of Kilimanjaro late yesterday afternoon. They hiked twelve hours to get there. The view was awesome, unbelievable, and after all those days of climbing, they stayed only twenty minutes at the summit so they could get to their campsite before sundown. Nick had a blast, said it was incredibly hard climbing, and mentioned that it was extremely cold as they climbed through the snow and ice to reach the peak.
  • Books I’m currently reading: Future Israel by Barry Horner. An excellent treatment on the place of Israel in God’s plan. Also Daily Readings from J. C. Ryle. A superb morning and evening devotional taken from Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels.
  • Check out Paul Apple’s fine website call Bible Outlines. Those who preach and teach will find a wealth of good material here.
  • A note from a friend: “I was overjoyed to hear you, Pastor Ray, over WMBI talking about Elijah. . . . Is the Southern accent a little more pronounced?” Probably so.
  • I think I need to buy one of those brand-new 3G iPhones. I held off last year and now I’m glad I did because the price has gone way down. Greg Kuehn would approve.

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Tuesday News and Notes

November 14, 2006

1:12 PM A big Tuesday shout out to Sandra de la Cruz in Phoeniz, AZ, Regina Leveston, Duane and Holly Follman, Pastor Frank Walker, Rod Dixon and Alfreda Burke in Oak Lawn, IL, Deborah Tompkins Johnson in Woodbridge, VA, Claudia Moreno in Berwyn, IL, Steve Dunning, Ken and Mary Heffley in Batavia, IL, Reg and Brenda Harrison in Sparks, NV, Jason Woolever in Pontiac, IL, Steve and Liz Massey in Arlington, TX, Maribeth Dagenhart, Vince and Laura Cook, Elaine Douglas in Sebring, FL, Justin Butler, Kathy Dias in Virginia, Gail Tornow in Neenah, WI, Greg and Lisa Hatteberg in Dallas, TX, Gina Bottorf in Lynchburg, VA, Michael Chin and Charles Rosson in Lowell, AR.
8:17 AM Starting this week I’m doing the Wednesday night Bible study at the First Baptist Church of Tupelo. And on Thursday nights I’m leading a Men’s Bible study based on my book Credo. Next Sunday I’m speaking at Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ed Dobson pastored there for many years until he stepped down because of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Jim Samra is now the pastor. I know Jim because his wife Lisa is the daughter of John and Karen Grassmick, dear friends with whom we served in the 80s at Northeast Bible Church in Garland., Texas. John is now the Academic Dean at Dallas Seminary, and Karen serves as secretary to Mark Bailey, president of the seminary.
8:08 AM Today I’m heading for my office, which is really the guesthouse on the 105 acres that Alan bought that used to be a church camp called “His Lakes.” The cabin where we live once housed the camp director. Twenty-five years ago hundreds of people came to hear preachers like Stephen Olford and Leonard Ravenhill in the lodge on the other side of the lake. They say that over 1000 people would gather in the lodge for the services, and many would bring their RVs and stay for the weekend. If you walk out in the woods, you can still see the RV hookups, an old bathhouse, and the remains of the small wooden cabins that families rented when they came to the camp. They also went swimming and canoeing in the lake. And they went fishing, of course. I’m not a fisherman, but they tell me the lake is still well stocked. After the services in the lodge, the chairs would be cleared away so campers could play basketball, ping pong, shuffleboard and other games. The camp was quite a going operation in the late 70s and early 80s. After it closed in the mid-80s, the area became overgrown and was used mostly by deer hunters. Alan has owned it for about 15 years, and we have lived here since last October.
7:52 AM Here is the latest message in the series “The Transformed Life” from Romans 12-16: Blueprint for a Healthy Church

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