Good Times at the KBM Board Meeting

Posted by on 10.17.11 in China, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries, Radio

Here’s a scene from the KBM board meeting on Saturday morning. L-R Peter Faulkner, Chris Johnson from Trans World Radio, Cliff Raad, Doreen Mahlstedt, MaryAnn Spiegel, Dave Hoy, Ray Pritchard, Marlene Pritchard, Nick Pritchard, Mark Pritchard. Board member Skip Olson took the picture. Webmaster Derek Taylor arrived a few minutes after this pi…

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2 Million Visits to the KBM Website

Posted by on 10.5.11 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

This afternoon I did some research into the traffic at the Keep Believing website. Since the site debuted in March 2008, we have had:2,033,484 visits to the website.1,101,217 unique visitors.7,435,672 pageviews.Visitors have come to us from 226 countries and territories. Just recently we added our first visitor from Somalia. Here are a few ran…

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KBM Launches China Partnership

Posted by on 9.30.11 in An Anchor for the Soul, China, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

“I think you should consider a partnership with Trans World Radio."That simple comment, made a year ago by someone we met at a Bible conference in Michigan, started a discussion that led to a major decision.Last Saturday the Keep Believing board voted to enter a strategic partnership with Trans World Radio (TWR) to do ministry in China….

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My 4037 Extremely Close Facebook Friends

Posted by on 8.26.11 in Current Events, Internet/Blogging

In the beginning I was not a believer. At first I thought Facebook for was the kids, meaning the college-age crowd, which is in fact where it started out. Somewhat reluctantly I joined the Facebook revolution not quite two years ago. As of this moment, I have 4037 friends. That’s impressive, I suppose, until I look at the list and r…

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KBM Mobile Site Launches Today

Posted by on 8.24.11 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

The brand-new KBM mobile website launches today. If you have an iPhone or an Android or some other smartphone, you can access it by typing in There is also a link at the top of that can be seen only by smartphone users. Using a mobile site means that we have optimized the font size and the margin…

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Friday Scattershooting

Posted by on 1.7.11 in Dudley, Internet/Blogging, Prayer, Tupelo

News and notes from everywhere . . .*I have set out to use the new edition of Operation World in my prayer times this year. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants the most up-to-the minute glimpse of what God is doing around the world.*"Snow Expected in Region This Weekend.” That’s the Friday headline in the Tupelo paper….

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A Weblog Review of 2010

Posted by on 12.29.10 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

Since this is the last week of 2010, I have been taking stock of the past year and thinking about all that has happened. It’s certainly been eventful for us personally and for our ministry. Here are some of the monthly highlights from the KBM weblog: JanuaryBrit Hume Doubles Down Brit Hume reaffirms his conviction that Tiger Woods needs Jesus…

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When You’re On the Internet, You’re In Our Neighborhood

Posted by on 9.23.10 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

Several months ago we began working with Will Troxler, a young man who has his own design studio, to help us put together a tabletop display that we could use when we speak around the country. Working on this display forced us to ask the question, “What is the heart of Keep Believing Ministries?” We tried this and we tried that until we fina…

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August was # 1

Posted by on 9.6.10 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

August was # 1.That’s a phrase you hardly ever hear. We usually talk about the “dog days” of August when things are hot, people are wrapping up summer vacations, and students are getting ready to go back to school. There aren’t any major holidays in August. The stretch run in baseball doesn’t start until September, foo…

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My 3052 Best Friends in the World

Posted by on 7.7.10 in Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries, Personal

Do you Facebook?If you are reading this, the answer is probably yes, and since when did “Facebook” become a verb anyway? The answer is, since Facebook more or less took over the online world.Don’t believe me? Check out these numbers from the official Facebook Statistics Page:400 million users worldwide.50% of active users log on e…

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