August was # 1

September 6, 2010

The United Kingdom. Thanks for all the visits!

August was # 1.

That’s a phrase you hardly ever hear. We usually talk about the “dog days” of August when things are hot, people are wrapping up summer vacations, and students are getting ready to go back to school. There aren’t any major holidays in August. The stretch run in baseball doesn’t start until September, football is still in preseason, and basketball is months away. For that matter, you don’t see a lot of original TV in August. It’s mostly just reruns.

But in August the KBM website had its best month ever.

Derek Taylor (our gifted webmaster) reports that August traffic broke all records with 61,560 visits compared to 37,946 in August 2009. August also exceeded April’s traffic by a substantial margin. That’s surprising since April is typically our highest month because we get many visitors who are looking for Easter sermons. 

Finally, I should note that we’re seeing a strong uptick in traffic from the United Kingdom. No one seems to know why that is, but we’re glad to be picking new visitors from “across the pond.”

Thank you to everyone who made August the busiest month ever at the KBM website.

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