Good Times at the KBM Board Meeting

October 17, 2011

Here’s a scene from the KBM board meeting on Saturday morning. L-R Peter Faulkner, Chris Johnson from Trans World Radio, Cliff Raad, Doreen Mahlstedt, MaryAnn Spiegel, Dave Hoy, Ray Pritchard, Marlene Pritchard, Nick Pritchard, Mark Pritchard. Board member Skip Olson took the picture. Webmaster Derek Taylor arrived a few minutes after this picture was taken. Two board members were not able to attend on Saturday–Brian Bill and Bert Duncan. Mark is serving as an intern this year as part of his Th.M. program at Dallas Seminary. Nick wanted to see what a KBM board meeting was all about. 

I love this picture because it captures the spirit of our ministry. Whatever else you can say about KBM, we’re not stuffy. We truly enjoy being together. 

During this meeting we discussed with Chris Johnson the launching of our new strategic partnership with Trans World Radio. We are joining forces in order to do ministry in China. We’re asking God to help us raise $300,000 to establish a Mandarin language website, to start a radio broadcast in Mandarin that will air three times a week, and to do personal ministry with pastors in China. During the meeting Mark presented a plan for inviting our friends to become “co-laborers” together with us in this new venture of faith. 

We’re continually amazed at what God has done since we started this ministry 5 1/2 years ago. It’s been a roller coaster ride all the way. We love working with the KBM team and consider them not only our friends but also our extended family.  

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