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1. Dudley Meets Elvis

April 1, 2013

Most people who know me know that we have two fine basset hounds: Dudley and Gary.

2. Broken Jars

July 10, 2012

“Break the jar while those who go with you are watching” (Jeremiah 19:10).This is a visual warning of what God will do to Judah and Jerusalem. He will smash the nation so that it is broken into a thousand pieces.No one will be able to repair it.No one can avoid it.No one can stop it.Why?"They were stiff-necked and would not listen...

3. Don’t Grab That Barking Dog

September 28, 2011

“Like grabbing a dog by the ears, so is a bystander who gets involved in someone else’s quarrel” (Proverbs 26:17). Sometimes it’s better not to get involved.A while back someone wanted me to get involved in something (how’s that for a general statement?) that I just didn’t want to bother with. I did have some opi...

4. Friday Scattershooting

January 7, 2011

News and notes from everywhere . . .*I have set out to use the new edition of Operation World in my prayer times this year. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants the most up-to-the minute glimpse of what God is doing around the world.*"Snow Expected in Region This Weekend.” That’s the Friday headline in the Tupelo paper....

5. Friday News and Notes

November 6, 2009

*We’re on the road again, this time to New Jersey. Marlene and I are flying to Philadelphia where our good friend Pastor Paul Barreca will pick us up and drive us to Vineland. I first met Paul several years ago at Word of Life in New York. Then I spoke for him at Faith Bible Church in Vineland. This weekend we’re speaking at Faith for a...

6. Level 3 Wisdom

September 5, 2009

I received an e-mail from a friend who endured a very difficult trial that lasted for several years. He wrote to say how his ordeal has changed his view of what it means to know God. There are three levels of knowing God, he wrote. First, there is the level of experience. All of us who know the Lord have some experiences with him that we can use to...

7. Dudley and Me

July 4, 2009

Someone mentioned to me recently that I needed to put more pictures of Dudley on the blog. For those who don’t know, Dudley is one of our two fine basset hounds (Gary being the other). Both dogs will be four years old this fall.We got Dudley on Christmas Eve, 2005, when we were still living in the cabin by the lake. We inherited Gary after Ni...

8. A Few More Pictures

November 10, 2008

This morning Derek and Deneen along with Elijah and Joelle left for Chicago. Just before they left, we took a group picture using a new tripod that we bought over the weekend. Derek and I spent quite a bit of time working on video projects for the ministry. We now have a camcorder, a tripod, and some fancy editing software. We spent hours working o...

9. Thirteen Questions

November 3, 2008

Thirteen questions and answers . . . 1) Where were you this weekend? Marlene and I spoke at Harvey Cedars Bible Conference in New Jersey.2) How did it go? We definitely enjoyed ourselves. One man came up at the end of the final session and said, “Every year this conference is special, but this year has been special times special.” ...

10. New Pictures of Dudley and Gary

September 30, 2008

A few weeks ago someone asked when we were going to post new pictures of Dudley and Gary, our beloved basset hounds. I took some pictures but never got around to putting them on the blog, and then I forgot about it until yesterday when I got some good news from Derek Taylor, our webmaster. Derek told me that in looking at the Topics list on the lef...

11. Basset Hound Theology

March 20, 2008

{{{ALIGN:right;THUMBNAILWIDTH:290;CAPTION:Gary makes himself comfortable;}}}As I was getting dressed early this morning, I heard a scratching at the bedroom door. I knew instinctively that it was Gary, one of our two fine basset hounds. Whenever I get up, no matter how early, Gary knows it because he has finely-tuned hearin ...

12. Four Dogs In Our Living Room

October 12, 2007

A few minutes ago there were four dogs in our living room. It all started last night when Mark mentioned casually that Nick was driving over from Birmingham with Brad so they could go to the Ole Miss-Alabama game in Oxford tomorrow. “I think they’re coming over tonight,” Mark said. Of course we didn’t know anyth ...

13. Podcasting in a Closet

September 13, 2007

Today I’ve been working on recording the introduction and the closing segments for our brand-new Keep Believing podcast. Even though the total recording time is only 30 seconds for the opening and a little over a minute for the closing, it hasn’t gone as smoothly as you might think.For one thing, I’ve been ...

14. Dudley and Gary

July 21, 2007

Here are some pictures of Dudley and Gary taken by MaryAnn Spiegel who is visiting with us this week. They were taken in the living room of our home in Tupelo. Note that I spell Gary with one “r” despite the note from Anonymous who claims that I should be spelling it with two “r"s. Garry just doesn’t look right to me ...

15. Two Fine Basset Hounds

May 25, 2007

Here’s a picture of two fine basset hounds taking a break during a hot Mississippi afternoon. The basset on the left is Gary, a fine hound that Nick and his friends at Samford purchased as a puppy in the fall of 2005. Gary is the reason we got Dudley. When Nick brought Gary over for Thanksgiving in 2005, he was just a ...

16. Sargeant Dudley and the Raccoon

April 10, 2007

Last night about 9:30 PM I put Dudley out so he could take care of his business before we put him to bed for the night. When I opened the door, instead of walking out as he usually does, he bounded out the door of the cabin, veered to the left and then ran down the hill that leads to the lake. Before I could follow him outd ...

17. Skip and Dudley

March 17, 2007

Yesterday Skip Olson drove down from Chicago to spend the weekend with us. When I sent him email instructions, they included 41 specific steps, starting with “Take I-57 south until it hits I-55 in Missouri,” which covers six hours of driving, and then “Stop at Lambert’s Café (home of “throwed rolls”) in Si ...

18. Mid-Afternoon Ramblings

March 14, 2007

It’s time to go for a bike ride. But first a few items on my desk . . . 1) Doug Bandow offers an up-to-date look on the struggle for religious liberty in China. Here is the money quote:Yet even as the PRC grows in international confidence, its Communist party remains paranoid, fearful of the very diversity encouraged ...

19. Early Morning Wake-Up Call

February 16, 2007

Our day started unexpectedly at 3:14 AM with a phone call that jarred me out of a very deep sleep. Looking back, I was so fast asleep that when I woke up, I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. It turned out to be Delta Airlines telling us that our 11 AM flight to Atlanta had been cancelled for mechanical rea ...

20. Dudley and Tom

December 18, 2006

This weekend Tom and Fay Phillips came through Tupelo on their way to Arkansas. When they arrived late Saturday afternoon, Tom and Dudley immediately became lifetime friends, so much so that Dudley decided Tom’s lap was the ideal place for a nap. They both seemed to enjoy it. We told Fay that they need a basset hound ...

21. New Dudley Pictures

November 13, 2006

It’s been a while since I posted any pictures of Dudley, the basset hound that joined our family last Christmas Eve. In another week or so, we will celebrate his first birthday. He’s the best dog we’ve ever had, keeping in mind that like all bassets he loves to sniff and dig and get dirty. Last week he sta ...

22. Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

September 7, 2006

Tomorrow morning starts a very busy period for us. I’m flying to Indianapolis and then driving to Kokomo for a two-day Word of Life leadership conference. I speak once tomorrow night and three times on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning I fly from Indianapolis to Columbus, OH by way of Chicago. At the same time Marlene ...

23. Looking for Dudley

August 21, 2006

This is the story of my day . . . 1) Got up and put Dudley outside so he could do his business and play with Jake. For those who don’t know, Dudley is our nine-month-old basset hound and Jake is Alan’s chocolate lab. We’re keeping Jake this week while Alan is on a medical missions trip to Ecuador. 2) Jake ...

24. Saint Dudley

June 28, 2006

It is late in the evening as I type these words. I stepped outside a moment ago and heard a symphony of nighttime sounds in the forest. Crickets galore, and frogs, and various creatures moving around in the woods. Inside the cabin the dehumidifier drones on, erasing all the sounds of nature. Upstairs Marlene is in bed readi ...

25. Friday, July 2, 2004

July 2, 2004

11:00 AM Attention, Men! Did you know that 40 men from Calvary have already signed up to attend Promise Keepers in Indianapolis, July 30-31? We have 55 free tickets (regular cost: $79 apiece) for this weekend event. The Men’s Ministry has made arrangements for travel and lodging. Your cost should be about $100 for the ...

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