New Dudley Pictures

Posted by on 11.13.06 in Dudley

It’s been a while since I posted any pictures of Dudley, the basset hound that joined our family last Christmas Eve. In another week or so, we will celebrate his first birthday. He’s the best dog we’ve ever had, keeping in mind that like all bassets he loves to sniff and dig and get dirty. Last week he sta …

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Posted by on 9.7.06 in Books, Dudley, Keep Believing Ministries, Personal, Travel, Tupelo, Word of Life

Tomorrow morning starts a very busy period for us. I’m flying to Indianapolis and then driving to Kokomo for a two-day Word of Life leadership conference. I speak once tomorrow night and three times on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning I fly from Indianapolis to Columbus, OH by way of Chicago. At the same time Marlene …

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Looking for Dudley

Posted by on 8.21.06 in Churches, Dudley, Personal, Tupelo

This is the story of my day . . . 1) Got up and put Dudley outside so he could do his business and play with Jake. For those who don’t know, Dudley is our nine-month-old basset hound and Jake is Alan’s chocolate lab. We’re keeping Jake this week while Alan is on a medical missions trip to Ecuador. 2) Jake …

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Saint Dudley

Posted by on 6.28.06 in Dudley

It is late in the evening as I type these words. I stepped outside a moment ago and heard a symphony of nighttime sounds in the forest. Crickets galore, and frogs, and various creatures moving around in the woods. Inside the cabin the dehumidifier drones on, erasing all the sounds of nature. Upstairs Marlene is in bed readi …

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Friday, July 2, 2004

Posted by on 7.2.04 in Dudley, Word of Life

11:00 AM Attention, Men! Did you know that 40 men from Calvary have already signed up to attend Promise Keepers in Indianapolis, July 30-31? We have 55 free tickets (regular cost: $79 apiece) for this weekend event. The Men’s Ministry has made arrangements for travel and lodging. Your cost should be about $100 for the …

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Posted by on 4.14.04 in Dudley

7:57 AM Got a call yesterday from Ronbo Feley. He and Jackie and their children and several of the Gaskill kids were at Lambert’s Restaurant in Foley, Alabama. Recently the Food Network named Lambert’s number one on its “Top Ten Places to Pig Out.” Lambert’s is famous as the home of “throwed rolls.” Having been to t…

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Monday, December 15, 2003

Posted by on 12.15.03 in Churches, Dudley, Personal, Tupelo

11:22 PM Didn’t get around to doing my shopping after all. Got tied up in church affairs almost all day. Maybe tomorrow. 11:21 PM Dennis Byrne exposes the absurdity of the bestselling Da Vinci Code. 10:26 AM Monday greetings to Vita Loredo, Wayne Benfield in Jacksonville, Florida, Bernie Schuck in Indiana, to Paul and Becky…

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Posted by on 10.20.03 in Books, Dudley, Keep Believing Ministries, Personal, Travel, Tupelo, Word of Life

8:54 PM Bruce Thorn called tonight and we talked for 25 minutes. Our friendship goes back almost forty years, to the days when we grew up together in Russellville, Alabama. He and Anna and Elliot live in Sheffield, Alabama. Every time Bruce calls, he shares insights about the Lord that I don’t get anywhere else. We talked a…

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Posted by on 10.16.03 in Dudley

4:59 PM Okay, now I’ve seen everything. The Christianity Today website has an interview with eminent theologian J.I. Packer discussing Are the Cubs Really Cursed?. Packer manages to take a swipe at Kerry Wood (who didn’t pitch that great last night). The brief Q&A is actually helpful on the difference between biblical curse…

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