Friday, July 2, 2004

July 2, 2004

11:00 AM Attention, Men! Did you know that 40 men from Calvary have already signed up to attend Promise Keepers in Indianapolis, July 30-31? We have 55 free tickets (regular cost: $79 apiece) for this weekend event. The Men’s Ministry has made arrangements for travel and lodging. Your cost should be about $100 for the weekend plus some meal costs. Click here for more details. To sign up, call Ted King at 708/383-6913 or you can email him at 10:56 AM Today’s entry in the Crosswalk weblog is called Six Simple Words. 10:47 AM It’s been a while since I’ve updated my current reading list. Here are a few books I’m reading at the moment: Building the Bridge As You Walk On It by Robert Quinn Sex, Romance and the Glory of God by C. J. Mahaney Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson Defeating Compromise by Jonathan Sarfati. 10:37 AM Stanley Kurtz explains how you can make a difference in the upcoming debate over the Federal Marriage Amendment.

You’d be amazed how much you can do to affect the outcome of this vote. The press may do its best to keep you in the dark about the depth of opposition to this fundamental redefinition of marriage, but you can bet that opposition is out there. If even a portion of those who actually oppose same-sex marriage take the time and trouble to contact their senators, it could make a real difference in the outcome of the vote. If you don’t already realize it, senators carefully count up constituent mail and phone calls. If you call, it will matter.

This Sunday you can sign a petition in the portico supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment. Or you can sign it online here. 10:35 AM Ten years ago yesterday Kathy Duggins became the church secretary at Calvary. When you see her, be sure and congratulate her on her ten years of excellent service for the Lord.

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