Basset Hound Theology

Posted by on 3.20.08 in Dudley, Personal

{{{ALIGN:right;THUMBNAILWIDTH:290;CAPTION:Gary makes himself comfortable;}}}As I was getting dressed early this morning, I heard a scratching at the bedroom door. I knew instinctively that it was Gary, one of our two fine basset hounds. Whenever I get up, no matter how early, Gary knows it because he has finely-tuned hearin …

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Four Dogs In Our Living Room

Posted by on 10.12.07 in Dudley, Personal

A few minutes ago there were four dogs in our living room. It all started last night when Mark mentioned casually that Nick was driving over from Birmingham with Brad so they could go to the Ole Miss-Alabama game in Oxford tomorrow. “I think they’re coming over tonight,” Mark said. Of course we didn’t know anyth …

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Podcasting in a Closet

Posted by on 9.13.07 in Dudley, Internet/Blogging, Keep Believing Ministries

Today I’ve been working on recording the introduction and the closing segments for our brand-new Keep Believing podcast. Even though the total recording time is only 30 seconds for the opening and a little over a minute for the closing, it hasn’t gone as smoothly as you might think.For one thing, I’ve been …

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Dudley and Gary

Posted by on 7.21.07 in Dudley

Here are some pictures of Dudley and Gary taken by MaryAnn Spiegel who is visiting with us this week. They were taken in the living room of our home in Tupelo. Note that I spell Gary with one “r” despite the note from Anonymous who claims that I should be spelling it with two “r”s. Garry just doesn’t look right to me …

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Two Fine Basset Hounds

Posted by on 5.25.07 in Dudley

Here’s a picture of two fine basset hounds taking a break during a hot Mississippi afternoon. The basset on the left is Gary, a fine hound that Nick and his friends at Samford purchased as a puppy in the fall of 2005. Gary is the reason we got Dudley. When Nick brought Gary over for Thanksgiving in 2005, he was just a …

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Sargeant Dudley and the Raccoon

Posted by on 4.10.07 in Dudley

Last night about 9:30 PM I put Dudley out so he could take care of his business before we put him to bed for the night. When I opened the door, instead of walking out as he usually does, he bounded out the door of the cabin, veered to the left and then ran down the hill that leads to the lake. Before I could follow him outd …

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Skip and Dudley

Posted by on 3.17.07 in Dudley, Keep Believing Ministries, Tupelo

Yesterday Skip Olson drove down from Chicago to spend the weekend with us. When I sent him email instructions, they included 41 specific steps, starting with “Take I-57 south until it hits I-55 in Missouri,” which covers six hours of driving, and then “Stop at Lambert’s Café (home of “throwed rolls”) in Si …

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Mid-Afternoon Ramblings

Posted by on 3.14.07 in China, Dudley, Internet/Blogging, Tupelo

It’s time to go for a bike ride. But first a few items on my desk . . . 1) Doug Bandow offers an up-to-date look on the struggle for religious liberty in China. Here is the money quote:Yet even as the PRC grows in international confidence, its Communist party remains paranoid, fearful of the very diversity encouraged …

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Early Morning Wake-Up Call

Posted by on 2.16.07 in Dudley, Keep Believing Ministries, Travel

Our day started unexpectedly at 3:14 AM with a phone call that jarred me out of a very deep sleep. Looking back, I was so fast asleep that when I woke up, I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. It turned out to be Delta Airlines telling us that our 11 AM flight to Atlanta had been cancelled for mechanical rea …

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Dudley and Tom

Posted by on 12.18.06 in Dudley, Word of Life

This weekend Tom and Fay Phillips came through Tupelo on their way to Arkansas. When they arrived late Saturday afternoon, Tom and Dudley immediately became lifetime friends, so much so that Dudley decided Tom’s lap was the ideal place for a nap. They both seemed to enjoy it. We told Fay that they need a basset hound …

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