Sunday at All Saints

Posted by on 2.5.12 in Churches, India, Travel

When you travel, things don’t always work out as you had planned.I’m writing this note from my hotel room in India at the very moment when I had planned to be finishing my sermon at the pastor’s conference. But our plans were waylaid when we discovered that this is a Muslim holiday of some sort, and they have planned a huge rally …

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The Future of the Chinese Church

Posted by on 11.4.11 in China, Churches, Keep Believing Ministries, Missions, Pastors, Second Coming, Travel

This little boy represents the future of the Chinese church.Earlier this week his mother put him down for a nap in the apartment where we stayed in Dalian. His grandfather serves as a church worker in a Chinese city with very few Christians. He and his mother and father and grandfather came to Dalian to spend two days with us. I was very pleased wh…

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Church of KFC

Posted by on 11.2.11 in China, Churches, Travel

If you want one picture that will explain one part of modern China, this will do as well as anything else we saw. If the picture looks like a church, that’s because this building was once a church. After the 1949 Revolution the church was closed and the building taken over by the government. In recent years some savvy businessmen bought the b…

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Day 3: Young Nak Presbyterian Church

Posted by on 10.23.11 in China, Churches, Keep Believing Ministries, Sermons, Travel, Video, Word of Life

Here’s the video from Day 3 of our Korea-China trip featuring our visit to the Jeju Young Nak Presbyterian Church….

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When Should a Pastor Leave a Church?

Posted by on 10.21.11 in Churches, Pastors, Preaching

The question came from a young man pastoring his first church. I don’t know much about the congregation he serves except that it is small and filled with mostly older folks who don’t want to change.At least that’s how the young pastor sees it. Both he and his wife have been feeling discouraged. After three difficult years, here is…

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Three Days at Mt. Sinai

Posted by on 9.23.11 in Churches, Personal, Preaching, Sermons, Travel

A few years ago–about eight years ago, I suppose–I received an email out of the blue from a man named H. B. Charles, Jr. who wrote to ask me a question about something I had written about preaching. I didn’t know him or the church he pastored, Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. Through an email correspondence we b…

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Nick’s Story

Posted by on 9.5.11 in An Anchor for the Soul, Chicago, Churches, Devotional, Evangelism, Keep Believing Ministries, Personal

“I stole soap from Walgreen’s so I could wash myself at a fire hydrant.""I lived in my car near Humboldt Park until I was arrested.""I don’t remember much about my 20s because I was on drugs the whole time."When the police arrested him, he was put in jail for 30 days. Sometime during that period he fo…

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Wrapping Up a Great Visit to Reno

Posted by on 5.18.11 in Churches, Travel

Yesterday at 4 PM I met for an hour Here are the different messages I preached at Reno:When You are Falsely Accused Did I Make a Mistake? The Whole Bible in Thirty Minutes Overcoming Self-Importance How Much Sin Will God Forgive? …

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Reno, Here We Come

Posted by on 5.14.11 in Churches, Travel

This morning Marlene and I are flying to Reno, Nevada for the Spring Bible Conference at Sierra Bible Church. This is our fourth time to visit this fine congregation. It all started almost ten years ago when I spoke for the Dallas Seminary Week at Mt. Hermon Bible Conference in California. Someone from the church in Reno heard me and invited me to …

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Report from Rochester

Posted by on 3.5.11 in Churches, Pastors

This morning we wrapped up the John 17 conference in Rochester, New York. Church leaders from all over the region gathered for three days of fellowship and biblical teaching. Pastor Ray Viola of Koinonia Fellowship was on a missions trip to India two years ago when after preaching on Jesus’ prayer in John 17, especially the prayer that &ldquo…

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