Questions for a Pulpit Committee

Posted by on 1.4.11 in Churches, Pastors

I have a friend who will soon be interviewed by a pulpit committee for the position of pastor. He wrote to a few friends asking for some “killer questions.” Here are a few of the suggested questions:1. What’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to address?2. When people in this community hear the name of this church, what d…

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Preach Less, Pray More

Posted by on 10.20.10 in China, Churches

On Sunday morning we attended a house church in Dalian. They moved to the apartment after the authorities forced them out of the rented facilities where they had been meeting. Since then some believers have left but the core remains strong and committed.The first people arrive at 8:30 AM to pray. Following Chinese cust…

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Monday Morning Miracle

Posted by on 10.19.10 in China, Churches

Yesterday Peter took us on a ride outside of Dalian. It’s hard to explain the nature of Chinese cities because they consist of massive apartment buildings that sprawl out in every direction. The vast majority of people live in those high-rise buildings. You don’t see very many single-family homes. There are a few but not so many. So the…

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Preaching at Youngnak Presbyterian Church

Posted by on 10.10.10 in Churches, Sermons, Video

On Sunday morning we worshiped with the English-speaking congregation at Youngnak Presbyterian Church in Jeju City. This growing congregation is one of hundreds of churches planted by the mother church in Seoul. It currently attracts around 1600 worshipers every Sunday, making it the largest church on Jeju Island. Until recently the church did not …

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Pray for Pastor Peter

Posted by on 9.11.10 in China, Churches

Many of you know that Pastor Peter is our “Keep Believing” man in China. He pastors a house church in a large Chinese city. Last Tuesday the authorities came and without explanation began to harass him and the people of his congregation. Here is the story (edited for security reasons):Without knowing why, our church has been under inter…

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Sunday at a Satellite Campus

Posted by on 9.5.10 in Churches, Preaching

This morning we went the Northway Campus of the Village Church in Dallas. This is a satellite campus of the main campus in Flower Mound, north of Dallas-Forth Worth Airport. There is another satellite campus in Denton. Together three locations offer 11 services each week, drawing somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-9,000 people every Sunday. We chos…

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Q and A video – Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Posted by on 8.30.10 in Christian News, Churches, Current Events, Pastors, Questions, Video

The last election was mean-spirited and it was hard to discern between truth and lies. Should Christians separate from political activism and focus on “Christian work” instead?

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Anne Rice Quits Christianity

Posted by on 8.2.10 in Churches, Current Events, Theology

A few days ago bestselling author Anne Rice announced on her Facebook page that she is quitting Christianity. She started the ball rolling with this announcement:For those who care, and I understand if you don’t: Today I quit being a Christian. I’m out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being “Christian” or t…

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Cannon Beach Q and A, Part 2

Posted by on 7.10.10 in Churches, Marriage and the Family, Questions, Theology

I’m a modest person and I don’t even like undressing at the doctor’s office. If God is always watching us, and angels are always with us, does this mean when my spouse and I are having sex that we have an audience?The short answer is yes. This is part of the doctrine of God’s omnipresence. Read Psalm 139 and you will see how…

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I’m Unhappy With My New Church. What Should I Do?

Posted by on 6.16.10 in Churches

We received a fascinating question the other day from someone who said she had moved to a new area and found a new church. But things are not going well. She sees “rampant sin” (which she did not specify) going on the congregation and even among the leaders. Others have tried to address these problems to no avail. What should she do? He…

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