My Favorite Books on Preaching

Posted by on 1.9.14 in Sermons, Preaching

A young man going into the ministry asked me about my favorite books on preaching.

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40 Years of Free Bible Teaching

Posted by on 11.21.13 in Sermons, Preaching

Get 8000 hours of free Bible teaching.

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Like a Bowl of Soup

Posted by on 6.24.13 in Sermons, Travel, Preaching

Soup and sermons go down better when shared with friends.

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“That’s All I’ve Got”

Posted by on 3.16.13 in Evangelism, Preaching, Pastors

If they leave, let them go.

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Don’t Be a Sermon Stealer!

Posted by on 1.14.13 in Sermons, Preaching

The following note arrived over the weekend:We have discovered that our pastor is preaching sermons directly from your website virtually verbatim. He has been confronted on this issue and doesn’t see it as a problem. How do you feel about this? Let me say right up front that I don’t know who wrote this or who the offending pastor migh…

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Preacher, Get to the Point!

Posted by on 8.23.12 in Preaching

People are easily distracted.Preachers need to remember that.During my years pastoring three different churches, I discovered it was easy to get the attention of people in the congregation, but it was almost impossible to hold that attention for very long. We would announce some great new initiative, and for fifteen minutes it was like the second …

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Bad Beginnings

Posted by on 8.21.12 in Preaching

How NOT to begin a sermon:"I’m sorry I didn’t have time to prepare.” (Don’t tell us. Let us figure that out on our own.)"I’ve been busy this week.” (Everyone has been busy this week.)"I have 17 points I’d like to share with you.” (Don’t scare us like that.)"I"m sure …

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Titles That Tick

Posted by on 8.15.12 in Sermons, Preaching

Recently H. B. Charles Jr. offered some wise counsel about sermon titles. He says that preachers don’t give enough thought to their titles. In this day of extremely short attention spans, a well-thought-out title can be the door that opens the way for a biblical sermon to do its work.Here are three general principles for choosing a good title…

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The Third Leg

Posted by on 6.29.12 in Travel, Preaching

I am writing this from our hotel room in Seattle. We arrived here late last night after a longish day that started with me preaching my final message at the MEF conference in Colorado Springs. Later this morning we’ll board a cruise ship for an Alaskan cruise sponsored by Camp Forest Springs in northern Wisconsin. This starts the third l…

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Two Sermon Libraries Added This Week

Posted by on 6.2.12 in Bible Study Resources, Sermons, Preaching

This week we added two new sermon libraries to our Recommended Resources page.The first is called Discipleship Library that I believe has been compiled by the Navigators. It contains a fantastic assortment of messages preached over the last 60 years by many of the greatest Bible teachers. As they point out, Messages presented by many outstandi…

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