That Dumb Thing I Did

Posted by on 1.12.19 in Biking, Radio

Here’s the audio of my conversation with Chris Fabry on Moody Radio about how I managed to wreck my left […]

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Lessons from My Bike Accident

Posted by on 1.9.19 in Biking, Podcasts

On January 2, 2019 I had an accident on the bike trail that wrecked my left ankle, put me in […]

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A Year in Bike Riding

Posted by on 12.31.13 in Biking, Personal

This year I rode 1431 miles on my bike.

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Posted by on 12.31.11 in Biking, Personal, Tupelo

A few minutes ago I finished my final bike ride of 2011.My total for the year comes to 1625 miles, pushing my all-time miles ridden to 28449. Today I rode my usual route on the county road from Bissell Baptist Church over to the Natchez Trace. For the last two years they’ve been working on the extension that will bring Highway 6 all the way i…

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My New Bike Arrived Yesterday

Posted by on 7.8.11 in Biking, Personal

Several times this week I was asked if I still ride my bicycle. It’s a fair question because I don’t write about it as much as I used to. But it’s also a timely question since I’ve been mostly off my bike for the last month.In the spring of 2005 I bought a Specialized Sequoia Elite from a big bike shop in downtown Chicago. I…

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Posted by on 12.31.09 in Biking, Personal

That’s how many miles I’ve ridden on my bike this year. A little while ago I made my final ride, an 11-mile trip to the Natchez Trace and back again. I suppose nearly all my rides this year have been along that route, mostly because the roads are mostly free from traffic. I run into a little bit on Chesterville Road, but when I turn lef…

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Friday Night Musings

Posted by on 9.18.09 in Biking, Books, Devotional, Keep Believing Ministries

**I’m writing this note from our hotel room in Birmingham, Alabama. We drove over from Tupelo this afternoon so we could have dinner with Nick and Elizabeth. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Alabama State Fair in nearby Pelham–if it ever stops raining. It seems like we’ve had rain for two weeks, and the current forecast calls for mor…

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Still Believing

Posted by on 9.9.09 in Biking, Devotional, Personal

Last Sunday I received a note from Alice McQuitty in which she gave a quick update on how Andy’s treatments for colon cancer are progressing. I have written about Andy here and here. We have known Andy and Alice for 26 years and count them as dear friends. I wrote Andy a note saying that we were going to “dig in” and pray for him …

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Around the World With Five Miles to Spare

Posted by on 2.4.09 in Biking, Personal

Today I reached a milestone that took me about twelve years to reach. While I was riding my bike along Bissell Road on the way to the Natchez Trace, I realized that by the time I got back home, I would have ridden all the way around the world. If you figure the circumference of the world at 24,000 miles, then I entered this year needing 91 miles to…

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Posted by on 12.31.08 in Biking

That’s the number of miles I’ve ridden my bike this year. For some reason or other, a few years ago I started reporting on my bike rides. Back then I would detail the route I rode each day through Oak Park, River Forest and Forest Park, a meandering route that went 11.1 miles and usually took me 45-52 minutes to complete. I probably did…

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