If You Lose Your Cool, You Can’t Win

Posted by on 9.13.08 in Biking, Current Events, Internet/Blogging, Personal

Several times this week I started to write something about the presidential race, but I haven’t been able to do it properly, mostly because I find myself getting irritated by the comments I read on the Internet and the statements made by certain members of the media. To be honest, more than once this week I’ve found myself getting angry…

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777 Miles

Posted by on 9.12.08 in Biking

This is hardly earthshaking news, but yesterday when I finished my bike ride, I noticed that the odometer read exactly 777 miles. That’s how far I’ve ridden this year.…

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Doubledecker Bike Ride

Posted by on 4.26.08 in Biking

At the moment (7:13 AM) I am in Andy and Betty’s condo in Oxford, Mississippi. Marlene and I drove over yesterday for the Double Decker Arts Festival, an all-day event that starts at 9 AM. That’s also the start time for the Double Decker Spring Ride sponsored by the Oxford Cycling Club. Alan, BJ and I are joinin …

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Bike Riding Update

Posted by on 1.2.08 in Biking

Here is the latest update on my bike riding. Last year I rode 1038 miles, down considerably from the 1800 miles I rode in 2006. My overall total miles ridden now stands at 22,838. About nine years ago I started bike riding again for the first time since I was in grade school. Six years ago Skip Olson challenged me to ride a …

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My New Biking Jersey

Posted by on 12.17.07 in Biking, Personal

Several months ago I received a nice note from my good friend Brian Choate. He and his wife Melodi relocated from Chicago to Las Vegas. Brian does a lot of street evangelism on the Strip, talking to anyone who will listen. When he learned that I like to ride my bike, he offered to send me a biking jersey from the Internatio …

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Biking Update

Posted by on 8.17.07 in Biking

This week I’ve been riding my bike in 100+ degree weather. Yesterday I went 12 miles in 105 degree heat. Today I rode 16 miles at around 102 degrees. When it’s that hot (and very humid), you have keep yourself hydrated and not push too hard. I discovered a brand-new route that starts at our home on Valley Vista, …

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Posted by on 12.25.04 in Biking

12:30 PM Johnny Oates wanted to spend Christmas with Jesus. Yesterday he got his wish. 6:58 AM 3375 miles. Near the end of my ride yesterday, I passed by the Vineyard Church on Jackson Street in Oak Park. For the last several days I’ve been watching something being built on the lawn in front of the church. First there was a…

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Posted by on 8.17.03 in Biking, Churches

5:27 PM Here’s the Legacy Campaign prayer request for today: “Praise God that nothing is impossible with him (Luke 1:37).” Yesterday AM I met with a group of leaders for The Legacy Campaign. We toured the building, discussed the project in depth, and then gave the leaders a chance to make advance commitments to the camp…

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Friday, August 8, 2003

Posted by on 8.8.03 in Biking, Homosexuality

5:29 PM This will be my last entry from Gull Lake. Just came back from a 28-mile bike ride that wasn’t supposed to be that long. For the second day in a row, I got lost on the country roads around the lake and both days I ended up going far out of my way—yesterday many miles east and today many miles south and west&md…

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Saturday, August 2, 2003

Posted by on 8.2.03 in Biking, Books, Travel

11:15 PM Writing this from my room at Gull Lake Bible Conference in Hickory Corners, Michigan—about halfway between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek (home of Kellogg’s cereal). Got stuck on the Skyway for over an hour. Otherwise a nice and easy trip. The confernece is nestled on the eastern edge of the lake—a truly be…

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