“It Is Well With My Soul” by the Isaacs

Posted by on 5.30.10 in Video

This beautiful video begins with the story behind Horatio Spafford’s famous song, “It Is Well With My Soul.” Enjoy the story and the song. I hope it prepares your heart to worship the Lord. After the shipwreck that led to the writing of the song, the Spaffords moved to Jerusalem where they founded the American Colony. Today at the…

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Matt Chandler Preaches the Gospel

Posted by on 5.27.10 in Video

Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church in Dallas, preached recently in London. A few months ago he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. At the beginning of this sermon, he talks about his cancer and what it means for his Christian faith to live knowing that his time on earth may be shorter than he thought. Then he preaches the gospel f…

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Hope’s Journey

Posted by on 4.24.10 in Sermons, Video

On our flight from Amsterdam to Atlanta I listened to the audio of a sermon called “Hopes’ Journey” that Bryan Chapell gave at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I think it’s one of the finest sermons I’ve ever heard. Chapell makes a compelling case that it’s not enough to teach people doctrine an…

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Sunday Video: Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Posted by on 4.4.10 in Good Friday-Easter, Video

Today’s video features a stirring arrangement of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” If you need an infusion of joy on this Easter Sunday, sing along with the video. How can we not rejoice when our Lord has conquered the grave?…

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Saturday Video: Were You There?

Posted by on 4.3.10 in Good Friday-Easter, Video

This beloved spiritual transports us back to the time of Christ’s death and burial. We are asked to relive those events as if we had been standing there watching Jesus die on the cross. This particular version is very appropriate for Holy Saturday because it ends with the verse that asks, “Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?&…

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New sermon video: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Posted by on 4.2.10 in Video

Brothers and sisters, what they did that day was unforgivable. That’s the definition of what unforgivable is. When you crucify the son of God you have done that which is beyond forgiveness. It is truly unforgivable….

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Friday Video: How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

Posted by on 4.2.10 in Good Friday-Easter, Video

Since this is Good Friday, I wanted a song that focused on the cross. Among the many newer songs, “How Deep the Father’s Love” stands out for its emphasis on the true meaning of death of Christ. You can find a ton of good theology in just these four lines: “Why should I gain from His reward/I cannot give an answer/But this I…

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Thursday Video: O Sacred Head Now Wounded

Posted by on 4.1.10 in Good Friday-Easter, Video

Fernando Ortega sings this beautiful version of “O Sacred Head Now Wounded,” a hymn attributed to Bernard of Clairvaux, taken from a poem that first appeared in the 14th century. The hymn comes from an English translation (of the original Latin) made in 1830 by James Alexander, a Presbyterian minister. His translation contains many more…

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Wednesday Video: Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Posted by on 3.31.10 in Good Friday-Easter, Video

Philip Bliss, beloved gospel musician and good friend of D. L. Moody, wrote this great hymn shortly before his untimely death in 1876, in a train wreck near Ashtabula, Ohio. In his last public meeting Mr. Bliss conducted a service for 800 inmates at the Michigan State Prison. Many of them wept in true repentance as he sang the verses of “Hall…

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Tuesday Video: And Can It Be?

Posted by on 3.30.10 in Good Friday-Easter, Video

Today’s video features a congregation singing Charles Wesley’s famous hymn “And Can It Be.” I may be wrong in calling it famous because many Americans don’t know the hymn at all. A friend told me that it was mostly unknown in the US until after Billy Graham’s 1954 London Crusade at Harringay Arena. Cliff Barrows …

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