“What I Do Have Is Jesus”

Posted by on 2.22.14 in Travel, Word of Life, An Anchor for the Soul, Prayer, Anchor Book Depot

“What I do have is Jesus."That’s what a prisoner named Zach told us.

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Violet Arrives and Other Good News

Posted by on 10.27.13 in Personal, Word of Life, An Anchor for the Soul, Prayer, China

Personal news, ministry news, all good news.

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How Big is Your God?

Posted by on 7.25.13 in Devotional, Word of Life, Theology

Good theology solves a lot of problems.

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Are You Willing to Wait for God?

Posted by on 7.24.13 in Devotional, Word of Life, Video

Most people hate to wait. I know I do.

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Today’s Question: Do You Know Who You Are?

Posted by on 7.23.13 in Word of Life, Evangelism

You can watch today’s message from Word of Life Island on your computer.

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Off We Go to Word of Life

Posted by on 7.21.13 in Travel, Word of Life, Internet/Blogging

You can watch the Bible teaching from Word of Life live on your computer this week.

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Daniel Speaks Today

Posted by on 1.11.13 in Personal, Travel, Word of Life

Tampa Airport3:26 PMAt the moment I’m hunched over my computer at a workstation near Gate E70 at the Tampa airport. In an hour I’ll board a flight for Atlanta and then another one to Tupelo. In seven hours I’ll be home.I’m here on a Friday afternoon, having just finished teaching the book of Daniel to 120 eager students at W…

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Pray for Our Asia Teams

Posted by on 10.25.12 in Travel, Word of Life, China

In just a few hours, we will have two KBM teams on the way to Asia. We ask for your prayers for both teams…

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Campground Campfire

Posted by on 8.10.12 in Word of Life

On Wednesday night I spoke at the campfire service at the Word of Life Campground. Afterward I told Marlene (who stayed in the room babysitting Eli) that the service was stunning in its simplicity. At 8 PM 200+ people gathered on the wooden benches built into the hillside overlooking Andrews Pond. While several young men lit the fire, Jason Perkins…

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This Week’s Prayer Update

Posted by on 8.2.12 in Travel, Word of Life, Prayer, Keep Believing Ministries

Dear Prayer Partners, When Ray answered the phone, he heard a familiar voice. His friend was calling from 8000 miles away to say hello and to check out some thoughts about a sermon he was preaching the next day. As they talked, Ray made one or two suggestions. It was clear that his friend had a good sense of what God was speaking to his he…

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