Why Christianity Makes Sense

Posted by on 5.31.11 in Bible Study, Questions, Theology

During the five Wednesday nights in June I will be teaching an evening series called “Why Christianity Makes Sense” at Lifeline Fellowship in Tupelo. The church is located at 100 Parkgate Drive in Tupelo. Each session begins at 7 PM. I will introduce the topic and then we will have an open question and answer time. We’re focusing …

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Have I Committed the Unpardonable Sin?

Posted by on 5.24.11 in Questions, Theology

An email arrived from someone who wonders if their past is so bad that God will not forgive them. Have they sinned so much and so greatly that their sin is quite literally unpardonable? The answer is not hard to find. There is such a thing as the unpardonable sin. Jesus spoke of it in Matthew 12:30-37. And in answer to the question, I can say …

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Can We Shorten Our Life?

Posted by on 2.16.11 in Devotional, Questions

I received an email from someone troubled by the death of a good friend. Here is the issue put simply:My friend abused himself by eating junk food and excusing it by saying God made all good food to eat and He would live just as long as God intended him to live. To make matters worse, he had already had several heart attacks and couldn’t walk…

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Visit to Dalian University of Technology – New Video

Posted by on 11.11.10 in China, Missions, Questions, Video

On Sunday, October 17, God opened the door for a major speaking event in China. Despite official opposition and repeated attempts to shut down the event and a last-second change of venue, almost 500 students came to Dalian University of Technology to hear me speak about “The Wisdom of Solomon."

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Sermon video: “Did I Make a Mistake?”

Posted by on 10.13.10 in Questions, Sermons, Video

There are going to be many opportunities for us to look back and regret or second-guess decisions that we have made. If we are not careful, this can lead to a kind of paralysis and hinder our ability to make good, positive decisions in the present and future….

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New Video: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Posted by on 9.25.10 in Questions, Video

Of all the questions that trouble the people of God, none is greater than the problem of human suffering. Why do bad things happen to good people? Or why do the wicked prosper while the righteous take it on the chin? Eventually these questions become very personal. Why did my husband leave me after 15 years? Why did God allow my daughter to die in …

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Q and A video – Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Posted by on 8.30.10 in Christian News, Churches, Current Events, Pastors, Questions, Video

The last election was mean-spirited and it was hard to discern between truth and lies. Should Christians separate from political activism and focus on “Christian work” instead?

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FAQs video – “Am I Truly a Christian?”

Posted by on 8.24.10 in Questions, Theology, Video

A missionary I was speaking with recently told me that he sometimes wonders “Am I truly a Christian"? I was surprised by this because he has been faithful in his service to Christ for many decades. But I do not look down on him for his doubts and believe that all or most Christians ask this question from time to time.

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FAQs Video – What’s the difference between a religious person and a real Christian?

Posted by on 8.13.10 in Questions, Video

What’s the difference between a real Christian and a religious person?This question originally came from an unsigned slip of paper turned in during a congregational survey when I served as pastor in Oak Park, Illinois. Whoever wrote this question deserves an A+ for creativity and for getting right to the point. The wording suggests that the…

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When You Are Unfairly Accused

Posted by on 7.27.10 in Devotional, Questions, Theology

An email arrived from a friend with some discouraging news. She and her husband had launched out on a new venture that, so far at least, has not worked out, putting them in some financial difficulty. A friend at their church urged them to consider applying for help from a fund set up for that purpose (I am leaving out some identifying details). Wha…

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