33 Ways to Say “I Love You”

Posted by on 11.10.09 in Marriage and the Family

Last weekend Marlene and I led a couples conference in New Jersey. During our session on Sunday morning, we talked about the importance of praising each other. This is absolutely crucial because the presence or absence of public praise is one of the clearest signs of marital harmony or marital discord. The list we gave must have struck home because…

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Growing Up Too Fast?

Posted by on 11.8.09 in Current Events, Marriage and the Family, Sermons

This morning I’m speaking on “As for Me and My House: Winning the Battle for Your Family” at Faith Bible Church in Vineland, New Jersey based on Joshua’s stirring words in Joshua 24:14-15. In order to show the challenge we face in raising our children to serve the Lord, I compiled a list of things that have changed over the …

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Pictures from the Couples Conference

Posted by on 11.7.09 in Marriage and the Family, Travel

Here are some pictures from the Couples Conference at Faith Bible Church in Vineland, New Jersey. Our first session started at 10:30 AM followed by lunch followed by the second session. We were done by 1:45 PM.This is the third time Marlene and I have done the co-teaching concept. We both stand at the podium and take turns speaking. In the fi…

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Gull Lake Q&A, Part 3

Posted by on 7.6.09 in Marriage and the Family, Preaching, Theology

Here is the final group of questions from the Gull Lake Q&A session last Wednesday morning.1. How do I know if something is the will of God for me? I think the question is asking how to determine which way to go when we are facing an important decision. Often the problem is that we want something God never promised–certainty. We want to k…

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My Father, My Sons

Posted by on 6.21.09 in Devotional, Marriage and the Family, Personal

A man never knows when his job is done partly because he never really knows what his job is. He gets one message from watching TV, another message by hanging out with his friends, a third message from his job, he hears something else when he goes to church, and he tries to make it all work when he goes home. In my case I’ve tried to mak…

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The Lord Smiled From Heaven

Posted by on 4.26.09 in Marriage and the Family, Personal

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the lobby catching up on my email and other details. In about an hour our family gathers for a final breakfast and then we will go our separate ways. It has been a fine weekend in every way. Yesterday we got Dave and Laura Kate started on their marriage adventure with a beautiful ceremony in the st…

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I’m Glad Rick Warren Said Yes

Posted by on 12.20.08 in Christian News, Current Events, Marriage and the Family, Pastors, Prayer

All in all, I’m glad Barack Obama invited Rick Warren to lead the opening prayer at next month’s presidential inauguration. I say that even though I share some of the reservations raised by other evangelicals. But weighing everything, I’m glad that the president-elect asked him, and I’m glad Rick Warren said yes. Here’…

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Prayer for a Marriage on the Brink

Posted by on 12.4.08 in Devotional, Marriage and the Family, Prayer

A few days ago I received the sad news of the impending divorce of some friends we have known for many years. Because we haven’t seen them in a long time, we didn’t have a hint of any trouble in their marriage. The crisis seemed to come out of nowhere. Understandably, family members are struggling with the news and trying to help any way…

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“Are You the Man I’ve Been Praying For?”

Posted by on 10.6.08 in Marriage and the Family

I am writing this note on Sunday evening from our room at Cannon Beach Conference Center on the Pacific Coast of Oregon. We’re here for a Senior Adults Conference that starts on Monday night and runs through Thursday morning. Coming back to Cannon Beach reminded me of something I heard here this summer.I was having a conversation with the fat…

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A Very Happy Wedding Day

Posted by on 4.20.08 in Marriage and the Family, Personal

On Friday Marlene and I drove to Memphis for the wedding of Beth Hoeksema and Brandon Tierce. We had the rehearsal on Friday night and the wedding yesterday at 6 PM. After the reception we drove back to Tupelo (85 miles), arriving a few minutes past 11 PM. This morning Marlene remarked how much fun it was. I agree. I rememb …

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