My Father’s Day Gift

Posted by on 6.15.14 in Personal, Prayer, Fathers

This morning Marlene gave me my Father’s Day gift, a canvas print of a picture taken last month when Josh and Mark, our two oldest sons, graduated from Dallas Seminary. When I posted the picture on Facebook, I captioned it, “Five Pritchard men, three generations, a great day to celebrate.” As I study that picture, it seems to send an important message.

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Maine Bikers Blessed by Anchor

Posted by on 6.9.14 in An Anchor for the Soul, Prayer

Dear Praying Friends, A few days ago we asked you to pray for the “Blessing of the Bikes” at Small Point Baptist Church in Phippsburg, ME. Here’s a report on the event from Pastor Dan Coffin:God blessed us again! We had a beautiful day of weather to share this outreach with. By 7:30 am the sound of motorcycles could be…

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Blessing of the Bikes

Posted by on 5.31.14 in Prayer, Keep Believing Ministries

Reaching bikers in Maine with the Good News!

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Graduation Week

Posted by on 5.8.14 in Personal, Prayer, Keep Believing Ministries

On Saturday Josh and Mark graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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A Good Day to Pray

Posted by on 5.1.14 in Prayer

All of heaven is open to hear our prayers.

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Good News from Rochester

Posted by on 4.24.14 in Prayer, Keep Believing Ministries

God is at work in Rochester, New York!

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Let Pictures Remind You to Pray

Posted by on 2.25.14 in Prayer

Since the Bible tells to pray for one another, here’s a creative way to do it.

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To Grow, Go Slow

Posted by on 2.24.14 in Devotional, Prayer, Bible Study

After I preached last night, a young man from the Bible Institute said he wanted to ask me some questions.

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“What I Do Have Is Jesus”

Posted by on 2.22.14 in Travel, Word of Life, An Anchor for the Soul, Prayer, Anchor Book Depot

“What I do have is Jesus."That’s what a prisoner named Zach told us.

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Message from a Chaplain

Posted by on 2.6.14 in Personal, Prayer, Keep Believing Ministries

Dear Praying Friends, Last night we received an encouraging message from a US Army chaplain:

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