New Message: “As for Me and My House: Winning the Battle for Your Family”

Posted by on 6.26.19 in Fathers

Here’s the final message in my Joshua series: As for Me and My House: Winning the Battle for Your Family. […]

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The Man from Mississippi

Posted by on 6.15.19 in Fathers, Personal

I don’t have many pictures of me with my dad. I suppose this isn’t unusual given that he died long […]

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My Father’s Day Gift

Posted by on 6.15.14 in Fathers, Personal, Prayer

This morning Marlene gave me my Father’s Day gift, a canvas print of a picture taken last month when Josh and Mark, our two oldest sons, graduated from Dallas Seminary. When I posted the picture on Facebook, I captioned it, “Five Pritchard men, three generations, a great day to celebrate.” As I study that picture, it seems to send an important message.

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My Father, My Sons, My Grandchildren

Posted by on 6.16.13 in Fathers, Personal

My full name is Clarence Raymond Pritchard. I was named Clarence for my uncle who died two years after I was born.

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A Dad Who Did It Right

Posted by on 6.17.11 in Fathers

The assignment seemed simple. Find a biblical father who did it right. Sounds simple but it isn’t because the Bible doesn’t tell us everything we’d like to know. For most of the men of the Bible we’d have to say, “We don’t know whether they were good fathers or not.”But if one criteria of good fatherhood is…

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The Father Who Would Not Say No

Posted by on 6.13.07 in Fathers

A man might be a good man in many areas and yet be marked by a significant weakness in some other part of his life. Sometimes that significant weakness becomes a big part of what we remember about the man. Such was the case of Eli, high priest of Israel, a good man with a heart for God who served as high priest for 40 years …

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The Father of a Dying Son

Posted by on 6.12.07 in Fathers

Tucked away at the end of John 4 is an amazing little vignette. Because it comes right after the story of the woman at the well, we often overlook the healing of the nobleman’s son (vv. 46-54). It’s a story about a very important man who had a very important conversation with Jesus. As a result, he received a mo …

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A Father Who Did It Right

Posted by on 6.11.07 in Fathers

(This is the first in a week-long series of entries on fathers in the Bible. Some turn out to be good role models; others offer us examples of fathers who messed up badly. I offer this series as a lead-up to Father’s Day this Sunday.) The assignment seemed simple. Find a biblical father who did it right.Sounds simpl …

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Interview Today on Viewpoint with Chuck Crismier

Posted by on 6.11.07 in Fathers, Interviews, Travel

I’m doing a radio interview today from 3-4 PM Central Time (4-5 PM Eastern Time) on a program called Viewpoint with Chuck Crismier.

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