Let’s Read the Bible!

Posted by on 12.27.22 in Bible Bus

Check out this short video that invites you to join me as we read the Bible together from Genesis to […]

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Bible Bus–June Update

Posted by on 6.16.09 in Bible Bus, Devotional

During our Caribbean cruise last week I finished reading through the Bible. When we left San Juan, I had some reading left to do in Romans and Matthew. By the end I had finished them both, thus reaching my goal of reading through the Bible in 2009. I have since started reading it through again, this time beginning with Ezekiel, a book I found both …

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Bible Bus Update–May

Posted by on 5.20.09 in Bible Bus

In January I started my plan to read the entire Bible in 2009. That’s a worthwhile project but it is also a daunting endeavor. My particular version of the Bible has 1913 pages. Plus it contains 66 books written by many different authors over roughly a 1500 year period. And many parts of the Bible seem remote to life in the 21st century. So w…

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Bible Bus Update–April

Posted by on 4.17.09 in Bible Bus, Devotional, Personal

It’s been over a month since my last Bible Bus update. In January I committed to reading the whole Bible book by book. I’m not following any particular plan, simply reading one book at a time from beginning to end. Since my last update I have read the following books: Leviticus, Joshua, Judges, Hosea, Psalms, Amos, 1 Corinthians, Coloss…

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Bible Bus Update–March

Posted by on 3.11.09 in Bible Bus, Devotional, Personal

It’s been awhile since my last Bible Bus update. Since then I have finished reading through these books of the Bible:

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Bible Bus Update

Posted by on 2.3.09 in Bible Bus, Bible Study

So here we are in February. How are you doing with your Bible reading this year? Are you still on the Bible Bus or did you jump off by the middle of January? If you’ve gotten behind, don’t worry about it. We are still very early in 2009 so there is plenty of time to hop back on the Bible Bus. That’s the nice thing about reading th…

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Get on the Bible Bus

Posted by on 1.15.09 in Bible Bus, Bible Study, Bible Study Resources, Personal

During our get-organized campaign that started last week, Marlene uncovered this pin that we gave away in 2002 when the whole congregation took the challenge to “get on the Bible bus” and read the Bible all the way through. Every Sunday that year I began my sermon with the same question, “So how are you doing?” After the fir…

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