One Word Not in God’s Dictionary

Posted by on 6.7.13 in Baseball, Devotional

Cut the word “realistic” out of your dictionary.

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Mark’s Haiti Report

Posted by on 5.18.13 in Baseball, Missions, Travel

One week ago today Mark and I returned from a trip to Pignon, Haiti. When Marlene couldn’t make the trip, Mark stepped in at the literal last second, taking the “red-eye” flight from San Francisco to Miami and then flying on to meet me in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From there we traveled north to the little town of Pignon where we spe…

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Thousands Are Asking

Posted by on 8.9.06 in Baseball, Personal, Travel, Tupelo

1) When are you going to start blogging again?Today! 2) What did you do on your summer vacation?Preached for a week in Oregon, then for most of a week in New York, then Josh and Leah got married in Vermont, then we traveled back to Tupelo where we spent a few days with Mark before he flew back to China. I preached at Harris …

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Posted by on 11.12.03 in Baseball, Personal, Travel, Tupelo

7:08 PM YWAM offers some wise advice on sharing Christ with Muslims. One fascinating excerpt:We must pray for Muslims to have dreams and visions. Many individuals and some whole villages in certain Islamic countries are receiving supernatural visions or dreams of Jesus that have led to their conversion.I have heard other Ch…

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Posted by on 8.27.03 in Baseball, Churches

8:32 PM Marlene, Josh and I are watching the White Sox-Yankees game right now. But we’re also watching little bits of the Bears preseason game and also the Cubs-Cards game. A sports feast. After supper Josh asked if we had any more cookies like we had the other day. When Marlene said we didn’t have any more, I said, “Your…

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