Thousands Are Asking

August 9, 2006

1) When are you going to start blogging again?
2) What did you do on your summer vacation?
Preached for a week in Oregon, then for most of a week in New York, then Josh and Leah got married in Vermont, then we traveled back to Tupelo where we spent a few days with Mark before he flew back to China. I preached at Harrisburg Baptist Church, then we traveled to Chicago for a post-wedding reception last Saturday that was a huge success. I preached at Wheaton Evangelical Free Church last Sunday, we had a Keep Believing Ministries board meeting on Monday night, and we drove back to Tupelo yesterday (Nick was with us so we dropped him off in Birmingham before driving back to the cabin).
3) When will you start sending out the weekly sermons again?
This week. Hopefully later today if I get it done in time.
4) When will you post pictures of the wedding?
Soon. I have some pictures we took. Josh plans to post some pictures on his website. I’ll post a link as soon as that happens.
5) What’s the weather like in Mississippi?
Hot and extremely muggy. I’m writing this note at 11:07 AM and it’s already 97 degrees.
6) Will the White Sox win the World Series again?
Maybe, but they need better pitching, better hitting and better defense. And they need to sweep Detroit this weekend.

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