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1. Report from China – Nick Pritchard

December 3, 2012

From October 25th to November 13th Keep Believing Ministries had staff and supporters ministering in China and South Korea. Each day this week you’ll be taken on a journey to apartment churches, city walls, and into the heart of Christianity in Asia. We hope you’ll join us back here each day to read the stories, see the pictures, and re...

2. Don’t Waste Your Cancer

February 15, 2006

Yesterday Pastor John Piper had prostate cancer surgery. Early reports indicate that the surgery went well, and that he will soon be on the road to what we all hope will be a complete recovery. On the night before the surgery, he wrote an article called Don’t Waste Your Cancer. In it he meditates on ten ways in which ...

3. Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2006

9:56 AM Mark has posted some picture of his recent trip to Thailand for the mid-year ELIC conference.9:46 AM Just finished the Da Vinci Code. Weird ending. I was right about one thing. Robert and Sophie definitely don’t accept Christ in the last chapter. The book ends up feeling like a tract for modern-day Gnostic rel ...

4. First Baptist Church of Tupelo

February 12, 2006

This morning we visited the First Baptist Church of Tupelo. The church is at least 150 years old, making it Tupelo’s oldest church. The original building was used as a hospital during the Civil War. As befits an established church, it occupies a prominent location in central Tupelo at the corner of Church and Jefferso ...

5. Clinging to God Through Our Tears

February 11, 2006

Last weekend a young man died in a car accident, leaving his friends heartbroken and confused. I was asked to write to one of those friends to offer whatever encouragement I could. I was glad to do it, and as I did so I thought about how often I have done that. Years ago I struggled with what to say in a situation of sudden ...

6. End of the Spear

February 8, 2006

This afternoon Marlene and I went to see End of the Spear, the much-discussed movie based on the story of the five missionaries who were murdered by members of the Waodani tribe in 1956. If you are an evangelical, you already know the outline of the story, and you have probably read Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth El ...

7. Two Interviews Today

February 7, 2006

4:51 PM 189 miles.7:04 AM I doing two radio interviews today that you can hear live over the Internet:11:30-12 Noon CDT: KFUO (St. Louis) 1:20-2 PM CDT: WMCA (New York)

8. Over 700 Free Sermons

January 26, 2006

11:18 AM Dudley just made his (unintentional) radio debut. When the interview started at 10 AM, he was asleep on the couch. About ten minutes into the program, Dudley decided he wanted off the couch so he could outside and take care of business. But Marlene was gone to town and I was on the radio talking about forgiveness. ...

9. Jet-Lagged

January 25, 2006

11:47 AM Yes, I’m totally jet-lagged. I think the flight from west to east is harder. Or maybe it’s just than the trip is over. Anyway, my body clock is all messed up right now.11:46 AM We were right. It took almost exactly 26 hours to get from the hotel in Beijing to our cabin in Mississippi.

10. China Trip—Day 7

January 24, 2006

2:06 PM Almost time to leave for the airport, but before we do, we want to say thank you to many people: Charlie and Joy Brainer, John Mark and Sue Perdue, Driver Zhang, Sharee, Courtney, Emily and Alexis, and to the whole team at ZDL Books: Rob Tucker, David Wright, Anan, Donna, and a special thanks to Jodi. Thanks also to ...

11. China Trip—Day 6

January 23, 2006

4:45 PM The Friday night meeting was rescheduled for tonight. Just found out it has been canceled again. Same as before. 4:28 PM So far we’ve seen two church buildings—a Three-Self Church and another that might have been a Catholic Church. 4:24 PM By the way, there is a thriving ex-pat group here called the Beijing I ...

12. China Trip—Day 5

January 22, 2006

5:30 PM Nick left this afternoon to return to the States. He’ll fly to Chicago, change planes, and fly on Birmingham. He and Mark and Dave have had a blast hanging out together. I don’t think this will be his last trip to China.12:56 PM I’ve already commented on the traffic. Just one more word. I thought d ...

13. China Trip—Day 4

January 20, 2006

3:15 PM Today we saw three different sides of contemporary Beijing. First we visited the mausoleum in Tiananmen Square where the body of Mao Zedong is preserved (thirty years after his death) for viewing behind a glass enclosure. The guards informed us that absolutely no pictures were allowed. Before entering the building, ...

14. China Trip—Day 3

January 19, 2006

4:29 PM CNN says the temp in Beijing is 32 and the skies are smoky. That’s a pretty good description of the air quality most of the time.4:17 PM Today we had lunch with a man who has a very broad view of China. When asked about the church in China, he said, “Everything you hear is true somewhere.” Remember that China ...

15. China Trip—Day 2

January 18, 2006

8:31 PM Some general comments . . . Beijing is the most polluted city I’ve ever visited. Much worse than Los Angeles where we lived for almost five years. Most days a heavy gray pall rests over the entire city . . . Marlene noted that the traffic seems worse this year . . . People wonder about the status of the Christ ...

16. Friday, February 6, 2004

February 6, 2004

10:08 PM It was the most exciting girls basketball game I've ever attended. Deshler is small but talented, quick, and they play a physical, up-tempo game. Bradshaw took an early lead, held it for the whole game, but could never quite put Deshler away. With two minutes left, Deshler closed to within four points. But no close...

17. Thursday, February 5, 2004

February 5, 2004

6:30 PM The big storm we've been waiting for all day finally hit a few minutes ago. We've decided to leave for Alabama tonight. We'll drive to Indianapolis, spend the night, and travel the rest of the way tomorrow. Here's a story about my niece Megan and the rest of the Bradshaw Bruins. They are ranked #6 in the 5A classifi...

18. Monday, February 2, 2004

February 2, 2004

11:11 PM In case you didn't know, we have an active discussion board that includes a lively section called "Ask Pastor Ray." The board has been running for about six years, and tonight I actually answered a few questions—which will shock the people who read "Ask Pastor Ray" regularly because it's been a while ...

19. Thursday, January 29, 2004

January 29, 2004

4:29 PM Just received an e-mail from a woman who read He's God and We're Not. Her oldest son serves with the Fourth Infantry Division in Iraq. Here's the story in her own words: My oldest son has been in Iraq since last April. He left April 1 of 03, to say that when he left was difficult is not a strong enough word. Then se...

20. Monday, January 19, 2004

January 19, 2004

11:43 AM Getting ready to leave for a two-day retreat with the Calvary pastors. We're going to a home in McHenry for several days of prayer and Bible study, planning, talking, and dreaming together about what God wants to do at Calvary in 2004 and the years to come. These are eventful days in our congregation and our commun...

21. Tuesday, October 7, 2003

October 7, 2003

11:06 PM Earlier this year Josh got into digital photography in a big way. Bought two cameras and some professional-qualitylenses. Has taken some really nice shots. Now he has his own website. 11:05 PM Cubs couldn't quite pull it off. We'll get 'em tomorrow. 10:31 PM Got back from an elder board meeting about 20 minutes ago...

22. Sunday, October 5, 2003

October 5, 2003

5:17 PM Jane Jacob told me we received quite a few more Legacy Campaign commitments. We'll have an updated report sometime tomorrow … By the way, John Sredl managed to "jury-rig" the boilers so we had heat in the west wing. Of course, it was warm enough today so that the sanctuary became stuffy in the later servi...

23. Wednesday, October 1, 2003

October 1, 2003

10:01 PM Encouraging report from Mary Gaskill, our Director of Children's Ministries, regarding the first night of Awana (without adult classes and without the usual Wednesday night supper—both postponed until January): We had 292 children tonight wuth 93 leaders. Overall things went very well. There were a good amoun...

24. Saturday, September 13, 2003

September 13, 2003

7:09 AM We arrived in Lafayette about 4:30 PM yesterday, checked into our motel, and then went to the church to set up a book table. Faith Baptist Church is a large complex built on 15-20 acres. They have a large Christian school with attached ball fields and lots of on-site parking. Sort of the opposite of Calvary. It’...

25. Monday, September 8, 2003

September 8, 2003

9:40 PM Coming tomorrow: Steve Boisse disputes my assertions about Parky's Hot Dogs and issues a bold gastronomic challenge. 9:38 PM Kevin McCullough's column, "He's God and We're Not," has now been published in the Illinois Leader and the Federal Observer. 9:30 PM Had a great visit with Greg Thornton of Moody Publisher...

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