Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2006

9:56 AM Mark has posted some picture of his recent trip to Thailand for the mid-year ELIC conference.
9:46 AM Just finished the Da Vinci Code. Weird ending. I was right about one thing. Robert and Sophie definitely don’t accept Christ in the last chapter. The book ends up feeling like a tract for modern-day Gnostic religion. I suppose you could call it clever propaganda. I don’t see the book as a major threat to the Christian faith. It’s more likely that it will spawn many discussions about what Christians actually believe, the true idenity of Jesus Christ, and the historical basis of our faith. Check out The Da Vinci Challenge website for lots of excellent resources that analyze the book from a biblical and historical perspective.
7:42 AM Happy Valentine’s Day!
7:42 AM 235 miles.

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