How Big is Your God?

Posted by on 7.25.13 in Devotional, Word of Life, Theology

Good theology solves a lot of problems.

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Are You Satisfied With God?

Posted by on 7.4.13 in Devotional, Theology

If any man ever had a right to be bitter, it was Joseph.

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Death Reigns

Posted by on 6.28.13 in Devotional, Theology

There is a way to overcome the reign of death.

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Our Fickleness, His Faithfulness

Posted by on 5.24.13 in Devotional, Theology

“Great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:23b). This is the text that led Thomas Obadiah Chisholm to write the poem that became a beloved hymn sung on every continent. Here’s a simple way to bring its truth into focus …Great is our fickleness … Great is thy faithfulness.We may grow weary … but our God canno…

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Secret Doubts vs. God’s Promises

Posted by on 5.22.13 in Devotional, Theology

Many Christians secretly doubt their salvation because they do not feel like they are good enough Christians to get into heaven. But going to heaven has nothing to do with being “good enough” since none of us ever qualifies. In John 10:28 Jesus said of his followers, “I give them eternal life.” And in 1 John 5:13 we are…

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“He Got Out!”

Posted by on 4.21.13 in Tupelo, Theology, Good Friday-Easter

One little boy couldn’t wait for the end of the story.

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Focus on the Gospel

Posted by on 9.27.12 in Evangelism, Theology

A friend wrote me saying that he had been asked to give a course on evangelism and wanted any ideas I might have. Here is what I wrote back to him:Focus on the gospel, not on technique. Too many evangelism courses focus on saying specific sentences and on how to “close the deal.” I think that matters but it’s not the main thing. M…

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When a Loved One Dies

Posted by on 9.14.12 in Evangelism, Theology

A few months ago I wrote to a friend not long before her father died. Over the years she had shared her faith with him, but she had no assurance that he knew the Lord. Her dilemma raised an important question. What should we say when a loved one dies and we are not sure about their ultimate destination? Here is an edited version of what I wrot…

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Time to Wait on the Lord

Posted by on 7.26.12 in Devotional, Theology

Psalm 37 contains some of the most precious promises in the Word of God. But those promises coexist with some straight talk about the existence of evildoers. These words written 3000 years ago perfectly describe life in the 21st century. How should we bring together the blunt talk and the promises of God? Four considerations will help us.1. Ev…

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Good News About the Bad Guys

Posted by on 7.25.12 in Devotional, Theology

In Psalm 37 David presents a very realistic view of the eventual destiny of all evildoers:1. They will soon wither like the grass (v. 2).2. They will be cut off (v. 9).3. They will disappear from the earth (v. 10).4. They will face a day of certain judgment (v. 13).5. They will be brought down by their own devices (v. 15).6. Their power will be utt…

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