“He Got Out!”

April 21, 2013

Shelley teaching the children on Easter Sunday.

Our last Sunday in Tupelo happened to be on Easter.

That morning Shelley Farmer, the amazingly gifted Childhood Director, was giving a children’s sermon to 30-35 children who gathered on the steps leading up to the pulpit. It’s always a fun moment to watch the children coming from all parts of the sanctuary for the brief Bible story. 

Since it was Easter, Shelley was telling the children about the resurrection of Jesus. As she reviewed the story of the crucifixion, she related how Jesus died on the cross and was buried in the tomb, asking a series of questions to help the children understand the sequence:

“What happened when he died?”
“Where did they put him?”
“What did they roll in front of the tomb?”

Evidently one little boy couldn’t wait for the end of the story. Suddenly he blurted out (loudly), “He got out!»

We all laughed at the little boy’s eagerness, but he was exactly right.

“He got out!”
Yes, he did.

That’s not just an Easter truth.
That’s a truth for every day.

Let the people of God rejoice.
“He got out!”

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