Head Down, Feet Moving

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That’s how you make it to the end zone.

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What Matters When We Pray

Posted by on 6.4.13 in Prayer, Quotes

Here’s some encouragement regarding prayer, from a sermon by Spurgeon in which he quotes an unnamed “old preacher” (HT Justin Taylor): “Remember, the Lord will not hear you, because of the arithmetic of your prayers; he does not count their numbers. “He will not hear you because of the rhetoric of your prayers; he do…

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Posted by on 1.21.11 in Devotional, Quotes

God never seems to be in a hurry in preparing an instrument. He submitted His Son to a thirty-year training, in obscurity, for a ministry of three years. He so ordered events that two-thirds of Moses’ life-span was spent in preparation. We are in a desperate hurry to get on with the job, and would like to eliminate some of the tra…

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Unlovely Orthodoxy

Posted by on 12.31.10 in Quotes, Theology

“I think unlovely orthodoxy, unbeautiful Christianity is a tragedy. We have pugilistic Christians; we have acrobatic Christians; we have athletic Christians; we have big-domed, learned Christians. We have all kinds of Christians, but where are the beautiful ones, those who shine with inner beauty? I am looking for them, and I pray that God wi…

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Tell Your Monsters

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“Don’t tell God how big your monsters are; tell your monsters how big your God is.”…

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Three Quotes

Posted by on 5.11.09 in Quotes

Yesterday I happened across these three quotes that stuck in my mind  . . .“If God used only perfect people, nothing would ever get done.” Rick Warren“When the tide goes out you find out who has been swimming naked.” Warren Buffet“I am trying to be a super hero. Thank God He already sent us a Savior so that I can …

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Mark Driscoll on the Cross

Posted by on 10.4.08 in Quotes

Mark Driscoll has a powerful word about the “curious paradox” of the cross:The curious paradox of the atoning death of a bloody Jesus rising above the plane of human history with a mocking crown of thorns is that he is offensive in an attractive way.It is the utter horror of the cross that cuts through the chatter, noise, and nonsense o…

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How Warren Wiersbe Defines Ministry

Posted by on 9.19.08 in Devotional, Quotes

During my trip to Virginia this week, Damaris Carbaugh shared with me Warren Wiersbe’s definition of ministry:Ministry takes place when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels to the glory of God. Memorize that—and then pray God makes it a reality in your life.  …

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Bump a Man and See What Spills Out

Posted by on 5.25.08 in Quotes

“You never really find out what is inside a man until he is bumped and you see what spills out.” Carl Lundquist

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Sheep Stumble, Swine Wallow

Posted by on 12.14.07 in Quotes

“Sheep stumble, but swine wallow. What we are may be difficult to discern when we are covered in mud. But our reaction to it, over a period of time, will tell us if we are part of God’s flock or the Devil’s herd.” John Ensor, The Great Work of the Gospel, p. 128.

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